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Wow, that really perked up my morning! Hearing that, with the piano solo, makes it rather clear why Stalling chose it for that sequence. Thanks Devon!
Ian L.
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One track used in "Design for Leaving" not listed in the Soundtrack page for that cartoon I'm wondering about: the piece used when the Salesman Ejector kicks Daffy out of Elmer's house. It also plays during the opening freeway scene at the beginning of "No Parking Hare", and turns up again at the end of said Bugs cartoon. Anyone know if that's anything?

I know this is a late reply, but I believe that's a Stalling original. No song matching that is listed in the cue sheet for either cartoon.
Ian L.
Got another question. Anyone know what the violin music is that plays in Feed the Kitty when Marc Antony is mourning the "loss" of Pussyfoot? It sounds like it could be a classical piece of some sort.