Pokey J.Anti-Blockhead
6 years ago
I bought it on Amazon, and if anyone has definite information it would be the Clokeys themselves. Even has 1950s-1960s original broadcast dates for the Gumby show--it's revealed that it was produced NOT in several versions but as a SINGLE SHOW for a then-record 10+ years!+ (1955-1968),. Even lengths are shown....Sound effcts and John Seely stock music composers not mentioned, but I can live with that. Even has yet another voice for GUmby's mother in the 1950s shorts, Betty something. As for whether Dick Beals played Gumby, after being disproven,though, the book does say He did..there's also an in-de[pth sidebar on Dal McKennnon..and a filmography of Davey and Goliath. Only Gumby's given synopsis (though the mid 1960s's one "Moon Madness", the "legs with feet attached" one, is mistitled simply "Madness"). \BTW Prickle and Goo, and the theme PRE-date 1966..btw "Missile Bird", which had a 1966 (MCMLXVI) date, is shown as a 1964 episode.) There's also the eighties episodes and the next decade Gumby movie for fans of those. THere's happy and sad family tales (a sad one involving Ann, Clokey's daughte.r A haoppy one, involing the kids, Joe included and a friend, regarding their 1960s Gumby TV ad,..."Truly a family affai")

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