The Cobweb Hotel (1936) - Forum.
Paul Thrussell
I've always been fond of this creepy Fleischer cartoon, and I'm curious if anyone knows of any proper three-strip-sourced prints or video transfers floating around, or if the only known elements for the original Tech are with Paramount (provided they still exist?) The video transfers I've seen (including the "best effort" PD Somewhere in Dreamland set) all seem to have been sourced from either two-color or faded Eastman prints with a muddy palette of brown-red and blue-green.
Jason Todd
For all we know, Stanchfield and company could be searching for a decent print of The Cobweb Hotel at any point.
FWIW, I remember having this cartoon and several other Fleischer color cartoons on a PD VHS cassette in the early 90s. What struck me when I got a hold of the Dreamland disc, even the "improved" version, was how poor everything looked. I won't claim the VHS looked pristine, but in my mind I thought it had been substantially better quality. I could no longer find it to compare however. So either I imagined it, or there were some PD versions out there of this and other cartoons that were actually decent.
Original negs (pic and track) and an IB nitrate print on deposit at UCLA, I believe you'd need Paramount's permission to do anything with them though.

Doesn't rule out a Tech print may be out there somewhere 'in the wild' or a less faded print/copy on some old PD release. A better (albeit still TV-titles) copy of The Fresh Vegetable Mystery did surface recently.
Let's not give 'em ideas now. Acquiring from UCLA and shipping nitrate stock back to them is very expensive.
Del Walker
I won't comment on the source for these, but I do know that HQ reduction 16mm prints of the Color Classic series were made a few years ago. They all have full original titles and they look better than anything you've seen on the old VHS or Somewhere In Dreamland DVD releases. In my archive I've a few of these:

Time For Love
Somewhere In Dreamland
Dancing on The Moon
Poor Cinderella
Song Of The Birds

I've know of prints for Small Fry, and Kids In The Shoe that appear to come from this source also. but haven't been able to latch on to either yet. there's probably others I've not seen yet.

It's possible to do a really nice BluRay of these PD titles, but I doubt every title got that recent printing. Also Steve's got a lot on his plate already. Looking forward to seeing Dancing on the Moon in his Fleischer Rarities set.

Didn't Steve do a small single Color Classics DVD for another label or am I thinking of someone else?