Looks like Steve is busy even on Thanksgiving day:

“Thunderbean Thursday 2017” is a Blu-ray (BDR) collection of rare commercials, Christmas shorts, cartoons , short films and oddities. A great ‘Party Tape’ that isn’t a tape! Some of the films on the set will appear on future Thunderbean projects- and many will not! It’s $14.95 plus $3 postage in the US, $12 postage elsewhere. IT’s available for one week only- and we hope to send it in about a week. Order directly through paypal. Send to: steves-at-thunderbeananimation.com. Be sure include your address and ‘Thunderbean Thursday 2017‘ in the paypal note. All sales will help with replication of Thunderbean titles. Thanks to everyone for supporting these projects!

Thunderbean Thursday 2017