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PopKorn Kat
Is there a name for the melody the mice sing while invading the house in "We, The Animals, Squeak"  (1941)? (Video should be at 6:42 already, but if it isn't skip to there.)

The song in question can also be heard around 3:39  in "The Daffy Duckaroo" (1942).
The song is called Iola and it was written in 1905 by Charles L. Johnson.
Pokey J.Anti-Blockhead
I was listening to this It's a Kay Kyser & His College of Musical Knowledge song from 1940m Playmate, written in 1940 by the writer of 1939's big hit by the band, Saxie Dowell (Hall Kemp band),m Three Little Fishies. The other song may also havce been sung. Fun song.,.And it's the title, Playmates..Oh little playmates, come out and play qwith me, with "Little Audrey(:)) and her playmates".
It's called "Playmates", and was also heard in Porky's Preview.

You can sing along to the song in this 1939 Columbia short .
Ian L.
Speaking of "We, the Animals Squeak", does the music that plays at 8:27 to 8:41 happen to have a name? It's also heard in "Red Riding Hoodwinked", "Hare Brush", and "Mixed Master", and initially I thought it was just an original composition by Milt Franklyn but "Squeak" was composed by Carl Stalling so it must be an actual existing song.
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