What's on this Australian Felix the Cat DVD? - Forum.
PopKorn Kat
I was scouring eBay and came across this Australian Felix the Cat DVD  ([felix]), the fifth in a series. The box doesn't say what shorts/episodes are on it, nor what version of Felix is on it. The description mentions the Magic Bag of Tricks, Professor and Rock Bottom, suggesting the 1959 TV series, and the disc is copyrighted to Golden Books Publishing Company and mentions Felix the Cat Productions (then-owners of the Felix intellectual property), making this very likely that it is an official release.

Part of the description concerns me. "These new episodes features [sic] the classic animation of the original series, restored with all new music, digital audio and video effects"? Hope they didn't pull a North Hampton Partners (the makers of the notorious series of "Cartoon Crazys" DVDs) and dub new audio and video over the original!

If there are any Australians on this forum (or ones who are capable of playing Region 4 DVDs, for that matter) who have this disc, can they chip in with what's on it? I'd really appreciate it.