Well, it's that time of the year again. It's time for another round up of The Ohio Theater's Cartoon Capers screening as part of the annual Summer Movie Series . Today was the first of the two screenings, usually a selection from the Warner Bros. library which means a lot of Looney Tunes. There were some new shorts and some repeats (or fan favorites). There was also a big crowd full of families. Here is the list:

Cartoon Capers June 24th Screening

What's Up Doc? (Warners, 1950)- [bugs2] [elmersmiliehere]

You Were Never Duckier (Warners, 1948)- [daffy] [henryhawksmiliehere]

Hop, Look and Listen (Warners, 1948)- [sylvestr]

Heavenly Puss (MGM, 1949)- [tom] [jerry]

I-Ski Love-Ski You-Ski (Fleischer, 1936)- [popeye] [olviesmiliehere] [blutosmiliehere]

The Hypo-Chondri-Cat (Warners, 1950)

Billy Boy (MGM, 1954)

Robin Hood Daffy (Warners, 1958)- [daffy] [porky]

Texas Tom (MGM, 1950)-[tom] [jerry]

All Abi-r-r-r-d (Warners, 1950)- [sylvestr] [tweety]

Ready... Set.. Zoom! (Warners, 1955)- [coyote] [road]

The Magnetic Telescope (Fleischer, 1942)*- [supermansmiliehere] [loislanesmiliehere]

Gone Batty (Warners, 1954)

Long-Haired Hare (Warners, 1949)- [bugs2]

*Incorrectly listed the date 1948 on the flyer.

Overall, a nice selection despite the fact the sound in the theater was rather low. I'll be planning to cover the July 29th screening soon.

Also, if anyone is interested, there will be a two-night screening of the silent classic, "The Freshman" (1925) starring Harold Lloyd on July 20th and 21st at 7:30 P.M. Lloyd's granddaughter will be presenting the film at both screenings.

Anyway, stay tooned.

Well, today was the second "Cartoon Capers" screening at the Ohio Theatere and once again, it was packed. As usual, the line-up was all from the Warner library. Unfortunately, they didn't have a cartoon featuring Foray there as a last minute tribute. However, the line-up was still good and the first half has some Academy Award winners and nominees. On with the list:

Cartoon Capers July 29th Screening

Knighty Knight Bugs (Warners, 1958)- [bugs2] [sam] (AA Winner)

Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2th Century (Warners, 1953)- [daffy] [porky] [marvin]

Walky Talky Hawky (Warners, 1946)- [foghorn] [henryhawksmiliehere] (AA Nominee)

Johann Mouse (MGM, 1952)- [tom] [jerry] (AA Winner)

Out-Foxed (MGM, 1949)- [droopy]

Going! Going! Gosh! (Warners, 1952)- [coyote] [road]

I Eats My Spinach (Fleischer, 1933)- [popeye] [olviesmiliehere] [blutosmiliehere]

Pop'im Pop! (Warners, 1950)- [sylvestr] [Sylestrjrsmiliehere]

Boobs in the Woods (Warners,1950)- [daffy] [porky]

Cheese Chasers (Warners, 1951)

The Counterfeit Cat (MGM, 1949)

The Artic Giant (Fleischer, 1942)- [supermansmiliehere] [loislanesmiliehere]

The Bodyguard (MGM, 1944)- [tom] [jerry] [spikesmiliehere]

Hare Do (Warners, 1949)- [bugs2] [elmersmiliehere]

Overall, a good selection. That ends another season.
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