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I was listening to this interview with David Bossert about his upcoming books on the Disney Oswald cartoons.


It sounds like a couple more may have been found. David mentions that the number of extant titles is up to 20 (but he's only got hold of copies of 19 of them at the moment). By my count, that's two more shorts since the finds of Hungry Hobos, Poor Papa, Africa Before Dark, Empty Socks and Sleigh Bells. Unfortunately it's not yet been mentioned which other two cartoons have been uncovered and how likely or unlikey it is that Disney will be able repatriate both of these. I'm hoping this information will be revealed with the release of the book (which I've been looking forward to for a while now).

Unless I missed an anouncement, the "lost" titles were The Bankers Daughter, Harem Scarem, Rickety Gin, Neck 'n' Neck, The Ol' Swimmin' 'Ole, Sagebrush Sadie, Ride 'em Plowboy and Hot Dog. Hopefully we'll be able to cross one or two of these off the list soon.
Interesting. Speaking of "lost" shorts, How many "Alice Comedies" shorts are still "missing" and what was the most recent found short?
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This is something I'd like to know too – the Alice Comedies don't get as much press as Oswald. In the Interview I linked to, David Bossert said that he'll be working on a project about the Alices. He didn't say what, but I imagine it's another book. Hopefully we'll find out more in the future.

While we're on the subject of the Disney silents, these recent Jim Korkis articles about the Laugh-O-grams are well worth a read:


It seems that Disney has obtained copies of the fairytale Laugh-O-gram films since they've been discovered, but, reading the comments, don't expect them to appear on DVD any time soon.
Africa Before Dark has been found and will be included on the upcoming Bambi Signature Edition Blu-ray!!!: 
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Taking this with a slight pinch of salt, but it seems that "High Up" has been found. It is thought that this cartoon was started at Disney, before the contract was lost. Apparently High Up was screened recently: 

Also a question for other Oswald fanatics. Has anyone else noticed that some of the scenes in the restored version of Poor Papa seem to be in the wrong order is likely incomplete?
Take a look at this bootleg recording to explain what I mean. I think the scene starting at 3.42 should follow on as the same scene which ends at 0.56 with Oswald taking the gun from the wall. Clearly some scenes in this cartoon don't quite flow in the right order, but I wonder when this was done. Since the cartoon had a delayed release (after being initially rejected) maybe the scenes were changed up before it was released back in 1928? Or maybe it was changed for a 16mm home movie release? I'm hoping I'm not the only one who has spotted this and the mystery might be cleared up in the new book.