Steve Stanchfield
Hi IAD folks...

The year has started out busy already, and we're working on ramping things up. That said, we are doing a new pre-order for *both* Mid-Century Modern 1 and 2 (Blu-ray) as a single offer. These are an upgrade to the DVD versions- and look amazing in HD.

The special pre-order includes both volumes (they will be sold separately on Amazon), plus a bonus disc (BDR) of other 'Modern' Cartoons.

It's available on the Thunderbean website until the end of the month: 

Thanks everyone for supporting these projects! Steve
I'm just curious. Are there going to be some films that were not included in the original "Mid-Century Modern" volumes?
Bob K
Nice!!! The DVDs are great. Looking forward to the upgrade, and especially to the bonus disc!
Aaaand money sent!
I plan to pre-order this, but please Steve check your PMs about the titles I'm still waiting for. This may be the last time I order something from Thunderbean unless I hear back from you. I appreciate you're very busy, but I am very concerned about this.
Hey Linda, I appriciate your concern as I have been waiting a long time sometimes. But, I can assure you that you will always recieve your stuff. He just is a very busy man that has most of the work load on his shoulders. Its not Image Entertainment. LOL. Everything we do to contribute to his efforts is always repaid. This is a labor of love for Steve and our contributions are to help that joint labor of love. The more we contribute the better this gets and eventually I am sure his hands will be less tied in ordering abd receiving etc. We cannot however(in my opinion) threaten Steve with no sales anymore becuase he doesnt get back with Emails. He always does, ive found sometimes a reminder email or two will help him. His mailbox is constantly flooded. Things get pushed down and he has like 15 projects going all at once. Oh and he is a teacher, lol. Be patient. He always comes through and then some.
I have supported Steve by purchasing almost everything he has offered since the Cartoon Fanatic's Stocking and Stuffer and Felix the Cat and I plan to continue. However, I do share Crazy Kay's frustration with the lack of updates on projects that extend months beyond initial estiments. There have instances during the past few year when my patience has been rewarded by finding out that projects completed but I and others fall through the cracks. Now , I must say Steve will make it right and then some, but much of the frustration can be mitigated with more updates on projects. There is always room for improvement and I am sure Steve wants to know his supporters concerns. In any case , I will continue to support and encourage Steve as he continues his labor of love.
Just sent the payment in under the wire!
While I understand the frustration people have, they do have to remember that this is indeed a "labor of love", and having to wait for items is better than not having them at all. Steve could get more and more professional, and maybe even have assistance with communication, but it could also mean the end of these IAD Forum Member offerings as well. Let's make sure we don't accidentally kill the goose that lays the golden discs of animation.
I should've been a bit clearer regarding my previous post. It's not the lack of updates that I'm concerned about (Steve usually lets us know when they're ready), but the fact that I not received a handful of sets that have already been released, one of which I've been waiting for half a year. I've no wish to see any future projects in jeopardy as his DVD/Blu-Ray sets are some of the best available to us classic animation fans, and I do know that he is very busy, but the lack of communication regarding the missing sets is a major concern and I have paid quite a lot for them. I feel I cannot continue paying while I struggle to get a resolution over this.

Despite this, I made a pre-order for the set, with an added note to check my PM. Hopefully this issue can be resolved soon and I can further support his good work.
If Steve can spend the time he does working on sets, writing a weekly blog column, etc., he should be able to carve out enough time to be reliable in addressing paying customers' order-related issues. I wouldn't be bothered in the slightest if the sets take longer to do as a consequence. My experience has been that it's hit-or-miss whether anything will come of a email or PM sent to Steve, and that's particularly frustrating when one's order goes missing or one receives a defective disc, especially when it drags on for long periods of time with no response or resolution after repeated attempts to get in contact. It's one thing if fan mail/requests and other fluff take a back seat, but when a paying customer sends a message because their order is missing or they received a defective disc, that shouldn't be sat on or allowed to so easily be missed.
Paul Penna
I've been a customer of Steve's almost literally from day one and I've never been stiffed by him, nor have I ever heard of anyone who has been. So worries about that can be dismissed. You'll get the things you want and paid for, though perhaps not as quickly as you'd like in the best of all possible worlds.

But you know what? Just being able to get the sorts of things that Steve and only Steve makes available IS the best of all possible worlds.

His is a small operation but the undertaking is complex and time-consuming; he needs to work a regular job - all this has been explained repeatedly.

Under the circumstances, scolding, lecturing and threats are really uncalled for.
Steve Stanchfield
Thanks to all- and I'm sorry to run so late on so many of these things. I've been trying to catch everything up or anything that's missed. The best way is to send an email and I'll do my best to get back to you in a timely manner. I do have things that have fallen through the cracks- make sure i know about them and I'l try to remedy as soon as possible. The hard things is that I get PMS here, the Blu-ray forum, Thunderbean Facebook page, Linked in and my regular Facebook account- I try to direct all things to the Thunderbean email since it's the best.

I really do need to do better, and am really trying... hard to keep up with it all just time-wise. I know I won't be able to do these little 'special' sets forever- the handful of orders for each cover or just about cover the costs, but it gets a lot of rare thing seen, and has been really helping to transfer things for the 'real' projects.

I hope to expand the Thunderbean titles to stores after many years of not doing that.

Krazy Kat Linda- please send me an email with exactly what is missing only, and I'll turn it right around. If anyone else is missing anything, please do the same!

Thanks again-

Thanks much!


Thanks for replying, Steve. Much appreciated. Feel a bit more relieved it's been sorted out now.
Wish I hadn't missed this one. I'll keep an eye open for the final release and make sure I don't miss any more!
I know I ask this frequently, but can we have screenshots of the bonus disc, please?
Bumping this thread because we finally have a sneak peek of what's to come!: 
Are all the audio commentaries going to be in it?
Steve Stanchfield
Yes, and an additional film was just added to MCM 1.

So many projects are whirling around here that I'm handing off a lot of stuff I'm used to doing myself, but trying not to be a bottleneck in getting them done. Biggest team here ever working freelance and adding still...
Hi. Are the MCM collections official releases or are those special discs ? I can't find information anywhere. Also, is the pre-order still possible to do ?

Thanks to clarify.