A Modest Proposal ... Just Testing the Waters - Forum.
A site like this can be costly to run, and that's why you see ads on pretty much every page. They help to pay for the web hosting and we also have to pay for an Amazon S3 account to host all of our graphic content. (We currently host over 100,000 graphic items of one sort or another. And growing!) So, the ad revenue we bring in is necessary to the continuing growth of the site.

Not that we have to like it though, and when I go to other sites (what? there are other sites, you say?) I generally don't like the invasive ads either which is why I've tried to keep the ones we have as innocuous as possible. That being said I can also see the benefit of an ad free site as well. So, my question is if anyone would be interested in a system where, for a small stipend each year (say, $25.00) you could see the site completely without any advertising.

Currently active researchers would have their fees comped as a way of saying thanks for their work.

Your thoughts?
I don't like the idea because I'm one of those people that really doesn't trust giving my money to an online donation site. I'm worried about id theft from hackers. So, in other words, I'm okay with the ads.