9 years ago
Personally, I thought it was too boring and depressing. Joy's design will give me nightmares.

There were some clever things, but it was a Pixar letdown for me as always. They could've spent more time focusing on other people's emotions.

Though, everyone else liked it......

It could've been a lot worse.........they could've shoe-horned an anti-bullying message.

Mister Bighead
9 years ago
I was going to make this thread, but I decided not to due to the old GAC community not liking Pixar.

I love this movie! (I respect your opinion, ParamountCartoons, though.) Not only Pixar brought as an original idea that could appeal to audiences, cinema in general did that in this time of sequels, remakes, and spin-offs winning audiences over. We definitely need more original ideas for movies despite being a risky investment.

The film has the classic Pixar storytelling and character development. There were several scenes that made me laugh out loud. Pixar definitely did their research on how the brain works and human development. (A lot of the movie reminded me of a psychology course I took in college.) Pixar was creative with the concept and made it a world that's relatable and fun.

I know a lot of the GAC/TTTP community isn't fond of Pixar and CGI. Regardless, I recommend this film. At least give it a chance.

They could've spent more time focusing on other people's emotions.

Originally Posted by: ParamountCartoons 

If they did that, the movie would be about six hours long! XD
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8 years ago
I saw this last night (it's still a new release in the UK). I'd seen a trailer and wasn't that impressed, but other than that I knew very little about the movie.

Anyway, I loved it from start to finish. I thought it was hugely surprising and brilliant. Looking forward to seeing it again and have enjoyed listening to the soundtrack while I work today!
8 years ago
I thought that was well done. I really enjoyed it. And I have to say, Richard Kind (Bing Bong) came a long way from "Tom and Jerry: The Movie".

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