Once again, it's time for the Ohio Theater's Summer Movies Series and today was the first screening with a whole Warner-owned cartoon line-up. There was at least one repeat, but most were new for the series. Note that there are digital transfers and not film reels, as mentioned before. Nonetheless, it was fun show and the theater was packed. Here's the Line-up:

Cartoon Capers, June 13th screening:

"Super-Rabbit" (1943, Warners)-[bugs]

"Stupor Duck" (1956, Warners)- [daffy]

"Superman" (1941, Fleischer's) (repeat, flyer incorrectly said the film was released in 1948)- [supermansmilehere], [loissmiliehere]

"Dumb Hounded" (1943, MGM)-[droopy], [wolfie]

"Weasel Stop" (1956, Warners)-[foghorn]

"Two Scent's Worth" (1955, Warners)- [lepew]

"Fit to Be Tied" (1952, MGM)- [tom], [jerry], [spikesmiliehere]

"Paying the Piper" (1949, Warners)- [porky]

"Goldimouse and the Three Cats" (1960, Warners)- [sylvestr], What the heck happen to the Slyvester Jr. smilie?

"Leave Well Enough Alone" (1939, Fleischer's)- [popeye], [olivesmiliehere]

"Field and Scream" (1955, MGM)

"Birth of a Notion" (1947, Warners)- [daffy]

"Puppy Tale" (1954, MGM)- [tom], [jerry]

"Mutiny on the Bunny (1950, Warners)- [bugs2] , [sam]

Stay tune for a report for the July 11th screening.
Today was the second "Cartoon Capers" screening for the Ohio Theater's Summer Movie Series. However, due to scheduling, I left after they showed Eshbaugh's "Wizard of Oz" cartoon(!). There are a few repeats this time, but the rest are new for the series Here's the list:

Cartoon Capers, July 11th screening:

"Homeless Hare" (Warners, 1950)- [bugs]

"The Prize Pest" (Warners, 1951)-[daffy], [porky]

"The Mechanical Monster" (Fleischer's, 1941) (repeat, messed-up Warner restored version)- [supermansmilehere], [loissmiliehere]

"Mouse for Sale" (MGM, 1955)-[tom], [jerry]

"Red Riding Hoodwinked (Warners, 1955)- [tweety] , [sylvestr]

"Goonland" (Fleischer's, 1938)- [popeye]

"Little 'Tinker (MGM, 1948)

"Little Boy Boo" (Warners, 1954)- [foghorn]

"The Wizard of Oz" (Eshbaugh, 1933)

"Gopher Broke" (Warners, 1958) (repeat)

"Downhearted Duckling" (MGM, 1954)- [tom] , [jerry]

"Gee Whizzzz" (Warners, 1956)- [road] , [coyote]

"Cobs & Robbers" (MGM, 1953)- [barney]

"Easter Yeggs" (Warners, 1947)- [bugs2], Where's Elmer?

Again, a great selection, I just wish was there to see the audience laugh at the last cartoon. Until next year, That's all, folks!"
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