Since it hasn't been mentioned in a couple months or so, I was wondering: What is the current status of the Lou Bunin Blu-Ray/DVD that features "Alice in Wonderland" (1949)?
Steve Stanchfield
The delay on this title has *everything* to do with cash flow here. Things have been tight, and to access the materials at MoMA they require a pretty big 'access' fee, even though we're working with the family that donated the materials! It's been somewhat 'On hold' until revenue from Thunderbean is enough to cover the fee, THEN pay to have the materials scanned. Thunderbean is very much a small entity still, even though it's started to be better known and are working on positioning the company to have bigger distribution and expand into more titles. The 'special' sets here all help to make the other sets happen, although as if late it's really just treading water in an attempt to get to the finish line with each of these titles. There's several titles pretty much ready to go here but also waiting for funds to cover replication.

We're launching the 'pre-order' for the Christmas set (replicated) later tonight- it's a cleaned up, replicated version of the set out last year, with a special bonus disc with other cool Christmas stuff....I figure I should take advantage of the telecine here as much as possible! I do hope to have Alice out next year- sooner than later if I have my druthers! All of the other bonus stuff that isn't at MoMA is all cleaned up already.

I'm also hoping for several of the other deals to finally happen. Such is life.
I understand now. Thanks for the info.

By the way, this might interest you: yesterday I went to see the traveling exhibit "Journey Into Imagination: 100 Years of Animation Art from Around the World" that was at Capital University's Schumacher Gallery in Columbus, Ohio and they had on display, the puppet model of the duchess and her baby from the film.