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Tommy Stathes
Hello Everyone,

It's been awhile since I've posted here and hope all is well.

Firstly, I'm pleased to report that the Bray Studios--Animation Pioneers "Cartoon Roots" release under my Cartoons On Film label is finally available. Trying to get all the necessary copies out to Kickstarter backers first, though there is now an Amazon listing and people can order there. I'm waiting to post more about Bray until some reviews start coming out.

Anyway, I'm now running an Indiegogo campaign to help fund and finish the remaining work on the subsequent Bobby Bumps release. Some production had already begun, and it's going to be a fun set of some nearly century-old cartoons, but severe delays with the Bray project ate into the budget I'd raised for Bobby. Now we can try to remedy that through this fundraiser, and wrap up sooner rather than later!

Thanks all forum members for their continued support!


Unfortunately, I'm afraid of sending money to online funds. However, I will help support the project by buying your new DVD/Blu-Ray if that helps.
Tommy Stathes
Every little bit helps, Nic, so that is definitely appreciated!

I suppose many people are probably wary of the crowd funding campaigns...but the success of the Kickstarter last year only guaranteed that Bray could be produced. Hopefully we'll have nearly as much luck with Bobby Bumps.
Hi Tommy, I ordered this from Amazon after reading about it on Cartoon Research in July. The delevery date was between August 4 and August 19th. Today it says August 19 to 31st. Which is it? From reading the Thunderbean article , I thought the item was complete and ready to ship. I purchased the original Roots and am looking forward to this one.
Tommy Stathes
Hi Lynn,

Great to hear from you, and thanks for ordering! I'm not sure how Amazon calculates those projected delivery dates (I don't set them) and the "shipped" notification is a bit misleading, because I have to mark it as such within a day but orders often take longer to go out. It's true--the product is now available, but with nearly 300 Kickstarter copies to send out first and new Amazon orders on top of those, sets are getting packed and mailed on an first come, first served basis as quickly as I can humanly manage. Should have your copy out within a few days, so I suspect the 8/19 estimate is pretty accurate. Hope this helps.

Thanks again,

Gasmask Ted
I suffer from crowd funding platform fatigue; I've had to sign up for about 4 of them, and I'm no longer willing to sign up for any other platform without a solid reason. I'll hold off until the new disc is out. This post is meant to point out that a lack of interest in an Indie Gogo campaign doesn't mean there isn't interest, it's just that it's a PITA when it's not Kickstarter...
Tommy Stathes
I know exactly what you mean, Ted. If I had my druthers, this would be a Kickstarter as well, though there are a few reasons why it couldn't be this time around...i.e. it not being kosher to raise funds again for something where funds had already been raised there (and starting a new KS campaign without a previous one being *completely* finished), and also the lack of flex funding there. I promise, though, that the next crowd-funded Cartoons On Film project will be on Kickstarter!
Tommy Stathes
I've written a post for Cartoon Research about the Bobby Bumps project. Enjoy!

There's now just under 2 weeks left to pledge on the Indiegogo page. I'm hoping more of you can lend support, or even simply spread the word, as that's always helpful. Thanks!
Tommy Stathes
From Animation For Adults:

"AFA is a big supporter of the work of early animation historian and archivist Tommy José Stathes. For a number of years he's been working to ensure that important and often forgotten works from the era of early and silent animation is preserved and available for current and future generations. He has previously run a crowdfunding campaign to secure a Blu-ray and DVD release of the work of the first major animation studio Bray, and now he's back with a new similar project.

Bobby Bumps was a mischievous young boy- and obvious precursor of the likes of Dennis The Menace and Bart Simpson- who starred in dozens of films between 1915 and around 1925. He was the creation of a newspaper cartoonist and animation pioneer by the name of Earl Hurd. Alongside his canine sidekick Fido, young Bobby got in to a great deal of mischief over the years and became one of the most popular characters of his time. Like much of the pre-sound era of animation though, he has been largely forgotten- and much of his shorts were thought to have been lost.

Work has begun on restoring 15 Bobby Bumps shorts, that will each be given a new 2K high definition scan and digital restoration...

To anybody who is interested in gaining a true understanding on animation's earliest days, projects such as Cartoon Roots are truly invaluable and worth supporting. If you want to help this project along head over to the campaign page now."

Crowdfund This: Cartoon Roots: 'Bobby Bumps and Fido' 
Hey Tommy:

I intend to contribute to this, but I was wondering: if one selects a reward level that includes one or both of the existing Cartoon Roots releases, would those sets be shipped as soon as you can get to them (like with a regular order for those) or would they be sent when the Bobby Bumps set is finished?

I'd like to make the (long overdue) addition of the original Cartoon Roots set as well as the new Bray set to my possession, and being able to use PayPal (which Indiegogo accepts) would be preferable for me, but I'd rather not have to wait until the end of the year to receive them, so if that would be the case then I'll look into ordering them separately.


Tommy Stathes
Hi Zachary,

Great question!

Traditionally, these reward levels have been planned out (and budgeted) so that one complete shipment would be made when everything is ready. The only exception would be the backers who pledged extra during the Bray campaign last year, to get the Bobby collection, but I wanted to send Bray out to everyone when *that* was ready, including original Roots copies that were selected...so doing double shipments for those select Bobby backers was the only exception I planned for. I think most of the backers who are selecting pre-existing Blus to increase the $ pledge levels are people who probably understand that everything will be sent at once later, and don't mind waiting to see everything at that time.

However, while it's always cool to see a crowdfunding campaign inch toward or exceed its goal with every individual pledge made, other separate orders are *always* helpful here. Therefore, if you'd like to see the first two Roots releases now, Amazon would be best, and that helps with my general overhead here now as well.

Hope that helps...and thanks for the support!

Thanks for the detailed answer... orders sent!
Tom, I just got the "Bray" DVD/Blu-Ray and really enjoyed it. Great job on the project and hope you received my money.
Tommy Stathes
Many thanks, Nic and Zachary!

Update: Since the Bobby Bumps campaign was only about 50% funded in 30 days, I've decided to go ahead and extend it another 30 days. This will allow me to mention it at various September live events of mine, as well as promote it with new Amazon customers buying the original and Bray Roots volumes over the coming weeks. Fingers crossed that it gets near or to the 100% mark... [felix]
Tommy Stathes
There are 3 days left for crowdfunding the next Cartoon Roots release on Indiegogo. We're 78% of the way toward our goal and I think can make the finish line, or at least get close to it. If anyone else here is interested in helping this project, now's the time to pledge. Many thanks for your support!

Contributed, I see this as not only getting the release, but supporting its restoration and preservation. I was hesitant at first to buy the Bobby bumps release since its so primitive in animation standards, but the Bray bluray won me over. Hope it gets to 100%
Tommy Stathes
Originally Posted by: pseudox 

Contributed, I see this as not only getting the release, but supporting its restoration and preservation. I was hesitant at first to buy the Bobby bumps release since its so primitive in animation standards, but the Bray bluray won me over. Hope it gets to 100%

I really appreciate that! Yes, aside from simply buying a product, this is encouraging 2K scanning, digital restoration and the rereleasing of films that are otherwise only being enjoyed and used here in my archives. Another thing to consider is that once I get this release finished, I can move on to focus on some more popular and famous characters/series of the silent era for subsequent releases :)

Thanks again for the support, everyone. Just about a day left to the campaign and currently 80% funded.
Tommy Stathes
I want to give my sincerest thanks to any and all forum members who lent their support for this campaign. The goal was surpassed and the project can go full steam ahead now. I'll keep everyone posted on its progress over the next couple of months. 🙂
PopKorn Kat
Congrats on making the goal Tom! 🙂