The "official" closing is what I'd like to find out about.

At least one 'tube site has a Bugs drum closing reportedly from AB, and though I haven't researched them, likely a full-length version with the same.

But all the times I'd seen it on TV, even at least once years later on either TNT or CN, they used a regular TAF with the up-to-1945 LT closing music, and NO line from Porky nor Bugs!

I'd always called that (privately, never on a forum, and I've been to TTTP as, ISTR, bobchief) "do-it-yourself TAF!", something I'm sure WB never otherwise did.

It's likely closer to the truth that some kind of change occurred somewhere between production and TV syndication, and what I just described was the (unintended?) result.

Can anyone clarify this? Thanks.

There's a influx of new members here, and only a few of the ones from this and last year only being so active...

Anyways, that's usual. Turner Broadcasting modifies a big selection of the titles for the cartoons they have to be generic and identifiable, while trying to look more correct. This is called 'dubbing' by people on ToonZone.

For instance, Turner's digital master for Red Headed Baby is just a high-res scan of the redrawn master with black and white filter. They also add a border to the titles (or important freeze frame shots of text) to make them easier to see on CRT's. This tradition of borders seems to have carried on to Warner and Universal's home video divisions too.

What's ironic is that the border tradition still continues in WHV's modern Blu-Ray releases, even when no one uses a CRT television anymore.
OK, I think I've been hoodwinked... this guy

must just be changing endings and posting them as if they were legit.

The ending I described above is the official version.

Actually the original ending was a That's all Folks card with blue rings, but with the drum audio cue (music only).

Those "dubbed versions" you talk about were made back in 1995 when they added a track to be used for foreign dubs (as the original was lost), and they went lazy with the disclaimer so they put the same ending on all the shorts.

Those transfers also exist with the original titles. Cartoon Network in the UK used to air them.
Originally Posted by: Cool_Cat 

Actually the original ending was a That's all Folks card with blue rings, but with the drum audio cue (music only).

I thought it was basically a one-time reorchestration, or at least a more reverbed version. Compare 2:01 with 2:23 here...