Part 1:
JW Theme Music:
Action by Max Saunders (JW 212)
Apprehension by Max Saunders
Baby Jumbo by Ronald Hanmer
Bang Bang Bang by Fredric Bayco (JW 204)
Barn Dance Break Down by Phil Cardew
Beau Brummel Goes to Town by Ronald Hanmer
Benzedrine by Ronald Binge (JW 293)
Bozo's Polka by Fredric Bayco
Bright Lights by Peter Hope
Buck Jump by Cedric King Palmer
Burlesque Bridge by Cyril Watters
Burlesque Bridge #4 by Cyril Watters
C-C-C-Rash! by Ernest Tomlinson
Cartoon Cameos by Ronald Hanmer (JW 283)
Circus Clowns by Ronald Hanmer
Comedy Episodes 1-6 by Ronald Hanmer
Comedy Mysterioso by Fredric Bayco
Comedy Pronunciations and Bridges by Fredric Bayco
Cops and Robbers Chase by Ronald Hanmer
Crazy Clowns by Ronald Hanmer
Creepy Clowns by Ronald Hanmer (JW 200)
Dance of the Hobgoblins by Paul Fenoulhet
Danger by Max Saunders (JW 212)
Death of Satan by Desmond Leslie (JW 233)
Donkey Days by Wyn Henry
Down the Straight by Ronald Hanmer (JW 149)
Dropping a Clanger by Phil Cardew
Early Morn by Max Saunders
Eccentric March by Peter Hope
Eight Comical Cuts by Ronald Hanmer (JW 139)
Enter Villain by Ernest Tomlinson
Even More Comical Cuts by Ronald Hanmer (JW 239)
Evening by Heinrich Feischner
Fanfare by Fredric Bayco
Fast Majestic by Tolchard Evans
Fire Call by Ronald Hanmer
Flitting Along by Ernest Tomlinson
Foul Play Suspected by Ernest Tomlinson
Fraidy Cat by Fredric Bayco
Galop by Fredric Bayco
Ghosts and Ghoulies by Fredric Bayco
Goblin Ballet by Alan Perry (JW 113)
Goblin Forest by Ronald Hanmer
Gold Cup by William Davies (JW 108)
Good Old Days by Harry Dexter
Grotesque by Henrich Feischner
Gruesome Gremlin by Max Martin (JW 222)
Happy Links by Paul Fenoulhet
Hippo's Pranks by Cedric King Palmer (JW 166)
Home on the Range by Ronald Hanmer
Honky Tonk by Tolchard Evans (JW 263)
Horse Trot by Max Saunders
Humoresque by Max Saunders
Hurry and Haste by Ronald Hanmer
Hurry Bridge #4 by Cyril Watters
It's a Racket by Cedric King Palmer
Jog Trot by Kurt Rehfield
Jungle Theme by Heinrich Feischner
Kangaroo Hop by Paul Fenoulhet
King of the Ring by Fredric Bayco
Laughing Jackass by Ronald Hanmer (JW 206)
Leap for Joy by Cedric King Palmer
Long Legged Beasties by Fredric Bayco
Lullaby for a Pony by Oskar Resinger (JW 250)
Malicious Gossip by Albert Gordon and Louis Mordish
Marching Clowns by Ronald Hanmer
Marzuka for Golliwogs by Paul Fenoulhet
Merry Devil by Ronald Hanmer
Milking Time by Phil Cardew (JW 208)
Minor Jazz by Syd Dale (JW 267)
More Comical Cuts by Ronald Hanmer (JW 183)
Mounting Horror by Phil Cardew
Musical Puncuation by Eric Jupp
Noises Off by Ronald Binge
Noonday Barbeque by Cedric King Palmer (JW 113)
On a Sunny Summer's Day by Steve Race
On the Sly by Cedric King Palmer
Ooh Er by Fredric Bayco
Opening Galop by Paul Fenoulhet
Pardon My French by Ronald Hanmer
Perky Penguin by Peter Hope
Pony Trot by Louis Mordish
Poppadiddle by William Davies (JW 190)
Poppy Lugs by Cedric King Palmer
Pride and Fall by Ernest Tomlinson
Purely for Pleasure by Wyn Henry
Scared Stiff by Ronald Hanmer (JW 220)
Square Dance by Paul Fenoulhet
Swiss Swizzle by Ronald Hanmer
Teddy Bear's March by Paul Fenoulhet
Tiddler's Tune by Fredric Bayco
Tricky Quicky by Ernest Tomlinson
Variety Fanfare 1 by Ronald Hanmer
Velocity Gallop by Roger Barsotti (JW 115)
Whiplash by Phil Cardew
Willy Nilly by Cedric King Palmer
Wistful Clowns by Ronald Hanmer (JW 204)
Woodwind Ramble by Sydney Crooke (JW 158)
"With all respect to the great mousetrap."- Popeye, "The Spinach Overture" (1935)
Part 2:
General Music Corp.:
Award by Basil Adlum
Be Ooty by Walter Greene
Buckboard by Walter Greene
Bessie by Walter Greene
Bye Bye by Walter Greene
Call of the Wild by Walter Greene
Cake Fall by Walter Greene
Censure by Lee Zahler
Chase #11 by Darrell Calker
Cheese Cake by Basil Adlum
College Hero by Lee Zahler
College March by Lee Zahler
Come Maribelle by Walter Greene
Comedy Eccentric by Walter Greene
Comedy Eccentric #2 by Walter Greene
Comedy Eccentric #8 by Walter Greene
Coronation in Rome by Paul Csonka
Descent by Basil Adlum
Dry Gulch Awakens by Walter Greene
Extermination by Lee Zahler
Fearsome Surprise by Walter Greene
Felix Sombreo 1-3 by Walter Greene
Flight One by Lee Zahler
Fracas by Lee Zahler
Gay Blade #4 by Walter Greene
Glass Slippers by Lee Zahler
General by Darrell Calker
General #2 by Darrell Calker
Hateful Hattie by Walter Greene
Hearts and Flowers by Walter Greene
Hearts of Sadness by Walter Greene
He's Mad by Walter Greene
He's One by Walter Greene
Honky Tonk by Lee Zahler
Honky Tonk #2 by Lee Zahler
Is This Romance by Walter Greene
Jazz #6 by Darrell Calker
Kitten by Basil Adlum
Life Can Be Miserable by Walter Greene
Mail Man Mix Up by Walter Greene
Mighty Proud by Basil Adlum
Nautical Days by Walter Greene
Nothing #2 by Darrell Calker
Oh Darling by Walter Greene
Oh Gosh by Walter Greene
Only Time Will Tell by Paul Csonka
Pig Pen Passionata by Walter Greene
Pineapple Delight by Lee Zahler
Pretty Puhleese by Walter Greene
Rain Maker by Walter Greene
React Rights by Walter Greene
Revolution by Lee Zahler
Sarcastic by Walter Greene
Scientfifc Stuff by Basil Adlum
Season's Over by Walter Greene
Self Reliance by Lee Zahler
She Won't Cancel by Walter Greene
Skip Up by Walter Greene
Smiles Pretty by Walter Greene
So Long by Walter Greene
Stop the Wedding by Basil Adlum
Strange Resemblance by Lee Zahler
Summons by Lee Zahler
Sweet Thing by Walter Greene
Telescope by Basil Adlum
Tepee by Lee Zahler
Test by Basil Adlum
Tremble Man by Walter Greene
Under the Neath by Basil Adlum
Victor by Walter Greene
Villany by Walter Greene
Water Fight by Walter Greene
Western by Darrell Calker
Who's Scared by Walter Greene
Winnah by Walter Greene
"With all respect to the great mousetrap."- Popeye, "The Spinach Overture" (1935)
Pokey J.Anti-Blockhead
Very interesting topic..thanks for posting this. Most interesting Lantz 1940s composer Darrell Calker's stock music..
Walter Greene, who composed several music scores for Universal/Walter Lantz, Warner and DePatie-Freleng shorts in the 60s and 70s, also composed several music scores for The Mr. Magoo Show (UPA/Columbia Pictures, 1960).

Pokey J.Anti-Blockhead
Re:Walter Greene

Yes,I know..

Also Clarence Wheeler but his name's not there (I knew that the original poster was breaking it down into various libraries.
Originally Posted by: rodineisilveira 

Walter Greene, who composed several music scores for Universal/Walter Lantz, Warner and DePatie-Freleng shorts in the 60s and 70s, also composed several music scores for The Mr. Magoo Show (UPA/Columbia Pictures, 1960).

Speaking of Greene, I'm pretty sure that his tracks ended up in the General Music library because, according to a comment by Jeff Missine on Discogs, the library was located right next to the Lantz studio. This may be how Calker's cues got in there. I have no idea if Greene composed for Lantz in the late 1950s to 1960, though.
"With all respect to the great mousetrap."- Popeye, "The Spinach Overture" (1935)
Walter Greene composed for Lantz from 1962 to on.

Updated lists with some cue names from IMDB. I should mention that the majority of cue names and composer credits in these lists are from the SABAM database. I've no clue where whoever put up those cue names on IMDB got them from.
"With all respect to the great mousetrap."- Popeye, "The Spinach Overture" (1935)