Just a reminder that the Ohio Theatre will have their first of two "Cartoon Capers" this Saturday June 25th at 10 A.M in Columbus, Ohio as part of the annual "Summer Movie Series" . Again, I would be covering it as I am in California for the whole week. I f anyone is coming to this screen please post the selection of cartoons here as I'm curious as what shorts were shown (CAPA isn't allowed to send scans of their program flyers, btw).

I will be there to cover for the July 23rd screening. Stay tuned for that.
Earlier today was the second of two "Cartoon Capers" shows from Ohio Theater's Summer Movie Series". Like most past screenings, this one was all Warner Brothers owned cartoons. However unlike last year, there were no Popeye cartoons in the line-up ( I still have no idea if there was one or not at the June 25th screening). This show was also Jones heavy where more than half of his cartoons make up the list. I'm not going to bother pointing out repeats as this has became too much work for me. Anyway, here's the list:

2016 Cartoon Capers July 23rd

"Rabbit Fire" (Warners, 1951)- [daffy] [bugs2] ... and the Elmer smilie is still missing in the board.

"Who Sent You?" (Warners, 1960)- [lepew]

"The Two Mouseketeers" (MGM, 1952)(Flyer incorrectly list the released date as 1951.)- [tom] [jerry] [NibblesSmilieHere]

"Mouse Wreckers" (Warners, 1949) (Flyer incorrectly list the release date as 1948.)- [H&BSmilieHere] [ClaudeSmilieHere]

"Deputy Droopy" (MGM, 1955)- [droopy]

"Golden Yeggs" (Warners, 1950)- [daffy] [porky]

"Devil May Hare" (Warners, 1954)- [bugs2] [TazSmilieHere]

"Whoa, Be-Gone!" (Warners, 1958)- [coyote] [road]

"One Froggy Evening" (Warners, 1955)

"The Ducksters" (Warners, 1950)- [daffy] [porky]

"Hippety Hopper" (Warners, 1949)- [sylvestr] [HippetySmileHere]

"Feed the Kitty" (Warners, 1952)

"Billion Dollar Limited" (Fleisher, 1942)- [SupermanSmilieHere] [LoisLaneSmilieHere]

"The Scarlet Pumpernickel" (Warners, 1950)- [daffy] [porky] [sylvestr] [HenrySmilieHere]... Where is the Elmer Smilie?

Overall, good line up. I'm just still disappointed that I haven't found the line-up for the June 25th show. Anyway, I hope I cover both of next Summer shows.
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