8 years ago
Mine would probably be Radio and Television Packagers' redrawn version of Mutt and Jeff's "Where Am I?" (1925). It seems like they attempted to do an ad-libbed soundtrack to this cartoon, albeit hilariously badly. The Modern Film Sales stuff is also pretty cool.
"With all respect to the great mousetrap."- Popeye, "The Spinach Overture" (1935)
PopKorn Kat
8 years ago
I mentioned the redrawn for Felix Misses His Swiss a few weeks back in the stock music thread. I like that one not only for the aforementioned stock music, but also for such bizarre attributes as a red Felix and the title card reading "Misses His Swiss" as opposed to "Felix Misses His Swiss".

Then there's the movie Hooray for Betty Boop--as of this writing I've never seen it in full (it was on YouTube but the link Cartoon Research provided is now lost), but it's a curiosity because someone actually tried to make a coherent continuity based on redrawn Betty Boop cartoons somewhat akin to the Warner Bros. package features released in the 1970s and 1980s.

Radio and Television Packagers' redrawns of Ain't Nature Grand? and Ups n' Downs were decent, save for some jerkiness here and there, and as for the latter's redrawn ending...

I'm generally not too big on redrawns because their jerkiness and bizarre errors make them a poor substitute to the black-and-white originals, as seen in this video:

8 years ago
Anything done in the late 80s by Turner Entertaiment looks pretty good, even though I heavily dislike hand colorizations.

8 years ago
Honestly, I don't care for these literal carbon copies as they have lots of error mistakes and, in some cases, you could see flies getting trapped in the cel case.
8 years ago
The only good redrawn is the Modern Film Sales Corporation sound Kromocolors of silent Mutt and Jeffs.

Other than that, colorization is awful. A pink bull in "Porky's Railroad"? I don't think so.......

8 years ago
I do kind of like the redrawn-colorized version of "Wholly Smoke," which Cartoon Network used to play. I know an uncut version also exists, as it used to be on the old In2TV website.
Sometimes it's a bit hard to ignore the glitchy animation and try to enjoy the story and music in it. But then again, the colorization isn't as bad as I thought it would be, IMHO, and is definitely better than the infamous "Ali Baba Bound" colorization. Here are some bizarre glitches an other interesting notes...

* Instead of only playing the second half of the opening theme, on the version that starts with the 1956 "bullseye" intro, they play the full 1937-1938 Looney Tunes theme from start to finish!
* Some of the color choices are pretty good, actually. Porky's clothes colors seem to fit, and so do the bully's white shirt and blue derby hat.
* During the blurry shot with Porky being sick, they just re-looped the animation of him spinning over and over! Not only that, but in the original the scene became REALLY disorienting and blurry, as the picture was waving back and forth. Not so in the redrawn version.
* Nick O' Teen's pump and Porky are invisible at one part, which makes this scene make no sense at all!
* Although the "blackface" matches are colored red, when the pipe cleaner goes blackface ala Cab Calloway they used the correct "color" for that (in the unedited version.)
* When the Mexican cigars dance away after puffing in Porky's face, they dance for a few frames and then slide away as if they were Golden Book Video characters!
* During the quick blurry shot near the end of the nightmare, the original combined a lot of scenes into one, but here it's just a still shot of one of the shelves and a semi-transparent shot of the matches lighting themselves and the Indian pipes dancing! Then when it cuts to Nick O' Teen chasing Porky, the background starts moving from the point it was frozen at!
* As Porky sings "I will n-n-never s-s-s-smoke a-aga-again!" he freezes right before the iris out, which doesn't even close all the way!
* The closing is taken from "Deduce You Say" with the original 1938 closing theme heard over it, and you can hear the drum bursting open and Porky saying "Th-th-that's all, folks!" even though we can't see Porky or the drum!

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