Of course on the old IAD Forums, I have done a topic and listed many of the Disney cartoons that existed/exists with either original or re-issued opening and closing titles.

But recently, when I was watching some opening and closings to some Disney VHS tapes from the 80s on YouTube and saw that certain cartoons that are presented differently unlike their later releases in the 90s and the 2000s. For example, the "More of Disney's Best 1932-1946" from the first wave of Cartoon Classics uses a re-issued print of Three Little Pigs (which can be found on 16 or 35 mm on Ebay today), and "Volume 13 : Fanciful Fables" uses a re-issue print of "Little Hiawatha". And I even saw on the "Cartoon Classics: Limited Gold Editions I: Donald" VHS the original closing to "The New Neighbor" which I was surprised to see (it has been a long time since I've seen these videos I rented back when I was a kid).

It's pretty interesting to see early VHS releases of these cartoons with original and re-issue titles. Thankfully for the ones that use to used re-issued titles, they were remastered with their original opening and closing titles on later releases, but sometimes it's the opposite on those that were featured with their original titles on early home video releases but are featured with re-issue titles on later releases instead which is disappointing to me.
Duck Dodgers
Which was the original closing of "The New Neighbor"?

i saw "Orphans Picnic" (i think it was that one but it was 2-3 years ago) on the german Disney Channel (well, i didn't catch the beginning as i just happened upon it) and the ending card was different from the Region 2 Treasures dvd IIRC.