PopKorn Kat
So Day Nurse...

Skip from 5:08 to 5:48. Having been thrown out a window by an aggressive bear, Oswald is hanging onto the pant leg of a pair of flannel pajamas. The baby inches over on the clothesline and tickles the pajamas’ armpit, causing both the pajamas and the rabbit to fall off the line. Ozzie grabs onto the clothesline below. The baby pulls the clothesline toward himself, tosses a lit cigar butt in Oswald’s pants, then pushes him back, where he flails until his dentures pop out of his mouth and he falls. The rabbit continues to flail. He sticks his rear in a gas bucket, producing an explosion which propels him into the air. The baby uses his baby carriage to catch the rabbit.
Judging by what Mark Kausler said about his work in THE HARE MAIL and THE CLOWN, my gut says it’s a Vet Anderson scene, but the Lantz-O-Pedia doesn’t say that his name was in the credits. (I don’t have the original credits.)
Sorry to necrobump, but Anderson animates at 2:59 to 3:13. You are correct on the guess you have made in the first post, but Anderson also animates at 2:34 and 5:54 to 6:06.