Steve has told me that there's a new division for people like me......

It's a new financial and marketing division handling more expensive projects that people really want!

"Flip the Frog is a step in the right direction" tells Steve Stanchfield, "But we want to do more licensed sets"

Marketers are already finding an Ultra HD Blu-ray drive for the Mac computers used, as a small niche market. Sets will be continued to be on DVD and Blu-ray however, public domain sets will be cut from the budget unless the cartoons are from the original negatives and is an asset of the studios....

More commercials for the DVDs will be shown, especially on YouTube and soon Netflix....

And for the financing?

Our funding will come from Kickstarter but most of all, we'll be heavy lottery players!
Nice try, but not good enough.

We get the idea that you want license sets.
I had some friends from UCLA transfer a mint 35mm Tech nitrate print of Old MacDonald Had a Farm. PM me for more details.