8 years ago
Tomorrow is April Fool's Day.

For my book, this day on the internet is approached with a mixture of excitement and dread. And I also find that most attempted foolishness tends towards the stupid.

So, that being said, as with every year, April Fools jokes will be allowed on this board, so please be aware that things may not always be as they seem. But also, if you are going to pull pranks, please try to put a little thought into it and make it worthwhile.

8 years ago
I actually had one planned. Unfortunately, since this forum can now embed YouTube video instead of linking to the page, I don't think I can do it now.
8 years ago
I would suggest you link any YouTube videos as hyperlinked text rather than posting the URL.
8 years ago
On AFD on this site, sometimes I can get a little confused with the fake DVD announcements of things that SO won't be getting a release anytime soon (Song of the South, T&J Golden Collection Vol. 2) flooding the message board on the front page.
8 years ago
I will think about an April Fools joke when the day has come tomorrow.

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