Hello everyone I am trying to build up my collection again as I lost a great deal of the stuff I used to have several years ago when I switched computers(and even then I never had THAT much) Below is my want list. I have many cartoons, but they're mostly Warners, mostly non-Popeye Famous, and Terrytoons although I have a decent amount of things from other studios as well including all of Tex Avery's MGM cartoons. I have little to no Lantz or Van Bueren cartoons as I don't have much interest in them. DISCLAIMER: NO SOURCES FROM VIDEO HOSTING WEBSITES PLEASE(i.e. Youtube, Dailymotion,etc.)

I apologize if this post is inappropriate to post here/in general and please feel free to let me know if it is mods.


The Three Little Pigs UNCUT(at the very least I want a good copy of the toon with the original animation of the Jewish stereotype)

Make Mine Music UNCUT(or at least the portions commonly censored/cut out)

Fantasia's UNCUT Pastoral Sequence


A Coy Decoy (original black and white, please not one of those sepia-toned copies floating around)

Sinkin' In The Bathtub

Feed The Kitty

Claws For Alarm

Porky's Cafe(original black and white)

The Door

Injun Trouble(Cool Cat, looking for a copy without the timecode)

Lumberjack Rabbit(NOT the "Superstars" version)

The Isle of Pingo Pongo with original titles(there is video of the titles on Youtube but it's in very poor condition so I'm hoping someone has a copy in a better resolution)


All the Fox and Crow shorts(very preferably the copies without timecodes. Logos I don't mind but I would prefer copies without them)

Mother Hubba Hubba Hubbard UNCUT


Gypsy Life

Cat Happy

Jeykll and Hyde Cat

The Mouse of Tomorrow

He Dood It Again

The Lion and The Mouse

Log Rollers


Moving Aweigh

The Island Fling

City Kitty(preferably NOT the time compressed copy from the Harveytoons show)

Time For Love


Garden Gopher(I do have a copy of this short but if anyone has a copy with a better looking version of the blackface gag than most copies, please let me know)


All the available Toby the Pup cartoons

I'm of course not expecting these to all fall into my lap so, like I said above, I have many cartoons that I can trade for so please feel free to ask for just about whatever.
I know my friend on YouTube uploaded the uncut version of Three Little Pigs , and more interestingly he added the original audio track of the Wolf's Jewish line in that scene.

The original black and white version of Porky's Cafe is available on the Looney Tunes Collector's Edition: Porky & Daffy VHS which I have, but it uses the incorrect Looney Tunes opening theme.

I have Injun Trouble without the timeline, so send me a PM anytime if you want me to send it to you.
I have:


The Three Little Pigs original (with censored audio)


Sinkin in the Bathub

Feed the Kitty (3 transfers)

Claws for Alarm (3 transfers)

Porky's Cafe (from VHS)

Injun Trouble (from VHS)

Lumber Jack Rabbit (restored in 4:3 HD from Boomerang and older transfer)

The Isle of Pingo Pongo (from VHS, not mine)


All the T&Js with many transfers.

I'm looking for the UK VHS which has Garden Gopher uncut.
Uh... wait... wasn't "The Three Little Pigs" released in its original 1933 version on the first Silly Symphonies Treasures set??
Originally Posted by: Mesterius 

Uh... wait... wasn't "The Three Little Pigs" released in its original 1933 version on the first Silly Symphonies Treasures set??

No it was the edited version. I believe that the UK release has uncensored footage but so far there has been no official home release with the original audio.
Speaking of The Three Little Pigs cartoon, even though the censored version of the cartoon is the only print Disney is releasing on DVD to this day, however the 1996 VHS from the Favorite Stories collection has the Jewish sequence uncut, but it uses the same dubbed line as heard in the edited version.

So it shows that the original soundtrack with the wolf's original Jewish line is rare.