Because you all have been so wonderful in supplying screenshots for the site, I'm currently way backlogged in getting them posted. This doesn't mean that you should stop sending them in! I'd rather have a bunch in my queue than none. But it occurs to me also that I don't want you to waste your time supplying screenshots for a cartoon that I already have screenshots for and just haven't gotten around to posting them yet. So, I'll keep this list here of the ones that I currently have in the queue so you can refer to it before you take the trouble. I'll do my best to keep it updated as I post them and as I get more in. Thanks!

$6.95 Bionic Shark, The (Misterjaw)
Aches and Snakes (Blue Racer, The)
Ain't That Ducky (Looney Tunes)
Ain't We Got Fun (Merrie Melodies)
Aladdin's Lump (Misterjaw)
Aloha Höek (Ren and Stimpy)
Aloha, Hah, Hah! (Misterjaw)
Along Came Daffy (Looney Tunes)
Another Day, Another Doormat (John Doormat)
Apple Andy (Andy Panda)
Aquanuts, The (Misterjaw)
Astronut Woody (Woody Woodpecker)
Backstage Rage, The (Scooby Doo)
Bagheads in "Get Trashed", The (Go! Cartoons)
Bah Wilderness (Barney Bear)
Barney Bear's Polar Pest (Barney Bear)
Barney Bear's Victory Garden (Barney Bear)
Barney's Hungry Cousin (Barney Bear)
Barnyard Babies (Happy Harmonies)
Beach Resort (Misterjaw)
Bear and the Bean, The (Barney Bear)
Bear and the Beavers, The (Barney Bear)
Bear and the Hare, The (Barney Bear)
Bear Raid Warden (Barney Bear)
Bear That Couldn't Sleep, The (Barney Bear)
Belle Boys (Woody Woodpecker)
Bellhops (Ren and Stimpy)
Big Bite, The (Woody Woodpecker)
Big Flakes (Ren and Stimpy)
Big Heel Watha (Screwy Squirrel)
Big House Ain't a Home, The (Dogfather, The)
Bird-Brain Bird Dog (Barney Bear)
Birds of a Feather (Woody Woodpecker)
Blue Monday (Captain and the Kids)
Bone for a Bone, A (Looney Tunes)
Boogie Frights (Powerpuff Girls)
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B, The (Cartune)
Boogie Woogie Man (Swing Symphonies)
Boots (Go! Cartoons)
Born to Peck (Woody Woodpecker)
Boston Quackie (Looney Tunes)
Both Brothers (Go! Cartoons)
Brave Little Bat (Merrie Melodies)
Broadway Bow Wows (Cartune)
Buccaneer Woodpecker (Woody Woodpecker)
Buried Treasure (Captain and the Kids)
Buster's Last Stand (Woody Woodpecker)
Busy Bakers (Merrie Melodies)
Busybody Bear (Barney Bear)
Calling Dr. Woodpecker (Woody Woodpecker)
Camera Bug (Blue Racer, The)
Canned Dog Feud (Woody Woodpecker)
Cannery Caper (Misterjaw)
Cannibal Capers (Silly Symphony)
Captain's Pup, The (Captain and the Kids)
Careless Caretaker (Woody Woodpecker)
Carte Blanched (Inspector, The)
Cartoon (title unknown) (Keeping Up With the Joneses)
Cartoon (title unknown) (Keeping Up With the Joneses)
Castle Hassle (Hokey Wolf)
Cat That Laid the Golden Hairball, The (Ren and Stimpy)
Catbug's Away Team (Bravest Warriors)
Catch as Cats Can (Merrie Melodies)
Caught In The Act (Misterjaw)
Charlie Brown's Christmas Tales (Peanuts)
Charlie's Golf Classic (Beary Family)
Cheese Rush Days (Ren and Stimpy)
Chili Weather (Merrie Melodies)
Chilly and the Looney Gooney (Chilly Willy)
Chinese Nightingale, The (Happy Harmonies)
City Dwellers (Go! Cartoons)
City Hicks (Ren and Stimpy)
Cleaning House (Captain and the Kids)
Cockadoodle Dog (Spike)
Codfather, The (Misterjaw)
Confederate Honey (Merrie Melodies)
Convict Concerto (Woody Woodpecker)
Cool Shark (Misterjaw)
Corn Plastered (Merrie Melodies)
Count Me Out (Merrie Melodies)
Counterfeit Cat (Spike)
Country Mouse, The (Merrie Melodies)
Coy Decoy (Woody Woodpecker)
Cracked Quack (Merrie Melodies)
Cricket in Times Square, The (Television Special)
Crowin' Pains (Woody Woodpecker)
D' Fightin' Ones (Merrie Melodies)
Daffy Duck's Quackbusters (Feature Films : Warner Brothers)
Davey Jone's Locker (Misterjaw)
Davie Cricket (Beary Family)
Dead Leaves (Feature Films : Shochiku Co., Ltd)
Deep Sea Rodeo (Misterjaw)
Detouring America (Merrie Melodies)
Dinner Party (Ren and Stimpy)
Dixie Fryer, The (Merrie Melodies)
Dizzy Acrobat, The (Woody Woodpecker)
Dog Tags (Ren and Stimpy)
Dogfather, The (Dogfather, The)
Doggone Cats (Merrie Melodies)
Don't Axe Me (Merrie Melodies)
Don't Look Now (Merrie Melodies)
Donald's Charmed Date (Donald Duck Cartoon)
Double Header (Ren and Stimpy)
Double or Mutton (Looney Tunes)
Dr. Jerkyl's Hide (Looney Tunes)
Dream Walking (Gandy Goose)
Dumb Like a Fox (Woody Woodpecker)
Each Dawn I Crow (Merrie Melodies)
Easy Come Easy Go (Misterjaw)
Egg Collector, The (Merrie Melodies)
Egghead Rides Again (Merrie Melodies)
Elmer's Pet Rabbit (Merrie Melodies)
Explosive Mr. Magoo, The (Mr. Magoo)
Fair Today (Cartune)
Fair Weather Fiends (Woody Woodpecker)
Fast Buck Duck (Merrie Melodies)
Fastest Tongue in the West (Tijuana Toads)
Feather Bluster (Merrie Melodies)
Feather In His Hare, A (Looney Tunes)
Feud for Sale (Ren and Stimpy)
Fire Dogs 2 (Part 1) (Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon)
Fire Dogs 2 (Part 2) (Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon)
Fish Anonymous (Misterjaw)
Fish Tales (Looney Tunes)
Fishing Bear, The (Barney Bear)
Fishy Time Machine, The (Misterjaw)
Flight to the Finish (Tijuana Toads)
Flushed! (Mickey Mouse Cartoon)
Flying Bear, The (Barney Bear)
Flying Fool (Misterjaw)
Flying Saucer (Misterjaw)
Foofle's Picnic (Foofle)
Fractured Leghorn, A (Merrie Melodies)
Freeway Fracas (Woody Woodpecker)
Freeze a Jolly Good Fellow (Blue Racer, The)
French Freud (Inspector, The)
Froggy Froggy Duo, The (Tijuana Toads)
From Nags to Riches (Dogfather, The)
Fry Cook Games, The (SpongeBob SquarePants)
Fuzzy Logic (Powerpuff Girls)
Gadzooka (Abbott and Costello)
Galaxy Express 999 (Galaxy Express 999)
Galoot Wranglers (Ren and Stimpy)
Garden Gopher (Spike)
Get Lost! Little Doggy (Woody Woodpecker)
Go For Croak (Tijuana Toads)
Goggle Fishing Bear (Barney Bear)
Gold Rush Daze (Merrie Melodies)
Good Egg, The (Mr. Hook)
Good Night Elmer (Merrie Melodies)
Good Noose (Looney Tunes)
Goofy Gophers, The (Looney Tunes)
Goofy's Extreme Sports : Rock Climbing (Goofy Cartoon)
Goose Is Wild, The (Beary Family)
Great Outdoors, The (Ren and Stimpy)
Great Who Dood It, The (Woody Woodpecker)
Greedy Gabby Gator (Woody Woodpecker)
Hair of the Cat (Ren and Stimpy)
Half-Pint Palomino (Barney Bear)
Half-Pint Pygmy (George and Junior)
Halloween is Grinch Night (Television Special)
Happy Go Nutty (Screwy Squirrel)
Happy New Year, Charlie Brown (Peanuts)
Hardship of Miles Standish, The (Merrie Melodies)
Hare Brush (Merrie Melodies)
Hassle in a Castle (Woody Woodpecker)
Haunted House (Ren and Stimpy)
Haunted House Hang-Up (Scooby Doo)
Haunting Dog (Dogfather, The)
Have Gun - Can't Travel (Woody Woodpecker)
Headhunters (Gravity Falls)
Heir Bear (Barney Bear)
Hell's Bells (Silly Symphony)
Henhouse Henery (Looney Tunes)
Henpecked Duck, The (Looney Tunes)
Henpecked Hoboes (George and Junior)
Hey-Hey Fever (Happy Harmonies)
High and the Flighty, The (Looney Tunes)
His Bitter Half (Merrie Melodies)
Hittin' the Trail for Hallalujah Land (Merrie Melodies)
Hold the Lion, Please (Merrie Melodies)
Hole Idea, The (Looney Tunes)
Holiday for Drumsticks (Merrie Melodies)
Holiday In Venice (Misterjaw)
Hollywood Matador (Woody Woodpecker)
Home Sweet Homewrecker (Woody Woodpecker)
Honduras Hurricane (Captain and the Kids)
Honey's Money (Merrie Melodies)
Honeyland (Happy Harmonies)
Honeymousers, The (Bugs Bunny Show)
Hoppy Daze (Looney Tunes)
Hoppy Go Lucky (Looney Tunes)
Hot and Cold (Pooch)
Hot Rod Huckster (Woody Woodpecker)
Hound Hunters (George and Junior)
House of Next Tuesday (Ren and Stimpy)
Hyde and Go Tweet (Merrie Melodies)
I Gopher You (Merrie Melodies)
I Love a Parade (Merrie Melodies)
I Wanna Be a Sailor (Merrie Melodies)
I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown (Peanuts)
I Was a Teenage Stimpy (Ren and Stimpy)
I'd Love To Take Orders From You (Merrie Melodies)
Impossible Possum (Barney Bear)
Injun Trouble (Looney Tunes)
Insomniac Ren (Ren and Stimpy)
International Woodpecker (Woody Woodpecker)
Is This Goodbye, Charlie Brown? (Peanuts)
Isle of Pingo-Pongo, The (Merrie Melodies)
It's a Dog's Life (Ren and Stimpy)
It's Mean, It's Green, It's the Mystery Machine (Scooby Doo)
It's Nice To Have a Mouse Around the House (Looney Tunes)
Jack-Wabbit and the Beanstalk (Merrie Melodies)
Janie Get Your Gun (Woody Woodpecker)
Jeepers Creepers (Looney Tunes)
Jeepers, It's the Creeper (Scooby Doo)
Jellyfish Hunter (SpongeBob SquarePants)
Kangaroo Courting (Mr. Magoo)
Karate Choppers (SpongeBob SquarePants)
Kid Arthur (Go! Cartoons)
Kiddie Koncert (Cartune)
Kiddie's Kitty, A (Merrie Melodies)
Killarney Blarney (Blue Racer, The)
Kitten Mittens (Cartune)
Klondike Kid, The (Mickey Mouse Cartoon)
Kristopher Kolumbus, Jr. (Looney Tunes)
Lair of the Lummox (Ren and Stimpy)
Last Temptation, The (Ren and Stimpy)
Leghorn Swoggled (Merrie Melodies)
Life Begins for Andy Panda (Andy Panda)
Lighthouse Mouse (Merrie Melodies)
Lighthouse-Keeping Blues (Chilly Willy)
Lion's Busy, The (Looney Tunes)
Little Blabbermouse (Merrie Melodies)
Little Red Riding Halibut (Misterjaw)
Little Woody Riding Hood (Woody Woodpecker)
Littlest Giant, The (Ren and Stimpy)
London Derriere (Inspector, The)
Lonesome Lenny (Screwy Squirrel)
Lonesome Ranger (Woody Woodpecker)
Lost and Foundling (Merrie Melodies)
Lost Chick, The (Happy Harmonies)
Love Comes to Magoo (Mr. Magoo)
Lovelorn Leghorn (Looney Tunes)
Lumber Jerks (Ren and Stimpy)
Lyin' Mouse, The (Merrie Melodies)
Mad Dog Höek (Ren and Stimpy)
Madcap Magoo (Mr. Magoo)
Maestro Minnie : Hungarian Rhapsody #6 (Minnie Mouse Cartoon)
Magical Golden Singing Cheeses (Ren and Stimpy)
Magoo Beats the Heat (Mr. Magoo)
Magoo Breaks Par (Mr. Magoo)
Magoo Goes Skiing (Mr. Magoo)
Magoo Goes West (Mr. Magoo)
Magoo Makes News (Mr. Magoo)
Magoo Saves the Bank (Mr. Magoo)
Magoo Slept Here (Mr. Magoo)
Magoo's Canine Mutiny (Mr. Magoo)
Magoo's Cruise (Mr. Magoo)
Magoo's Express (Mr. Magoo)
Magoo's Glorious Fourth (Mr. Magoo)
Magoo's Homecoming (Mr. Magoo)
Magoo's Lodge Brother (Mr. Magoo)
Magoo's Masquerade (Mr. Magoo)
Magoo's Masterpiece (Mr. Magoo)
Magoo's Moose Hunt (Mr. Magoo)
Magoo's Private War (Mr. Magoo)
Magoo's Problem Child (Mr. Magoo)
Magoo's Puddle Jumper (Mr. Magoo)
Magoo's Young Manhood (Mr. Magoo)
Maguiness Book Of Records (Misterjaw)
Mama (Misterjaw)
Man's Best Friend (Cartune)
Marooned (Ren and Stimpy)
Matador Magoo (Mr. Magoo)
Medicur (Dogfather, The)
Meet Mother Magoo (Mr. Magoo)
Merlin the Magic Mouse (Merrie Melodies)
Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy (SpongeBob SquarePants)
Merry Minstrel Magoo (Mr. Magoo)
Merry Sharkman Merry Sharkman (Misterjaw)
Mexican Boarders (Looney Tunes)
Mexican Joyride (Looney Tunes)
Mice Follies (Looney Tunes)
Mice Will Play, The (Merrie Melodies)
Mickey Saves Santa (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)
Mickey to the Rescue : Staircase (Mickey Mouse Cartoon)
Mine Your Own Business (Scooby Doo)
Miserobots, Les (Inspector, The)
Monkey See, Monkey Don't (Ren and Stimpy)
Monster of Ceremonies (Woody Woodpecker)
Monster Of The Deep (Misterjaw)
Moonlight For Two (Merrie Melodies)
Mother Dogfather (Dogfather, The)
Mother Goose On The Loose (Cartune)
Mother Was a Rooster (Merrie Melodies)
Moulin Rogues (Misterjaw)
Mouse Divided, A (Merrie Melodies)
Mouse Mazurka (Merrie Melodies)
Mouse Trapped (Hickory, Dickory and Doc)
Mouse Warming (Looney Tunes)
Mouse-Taken Identity (Merrie Melodies)
Mowgli's Brothers (Television Special)
Mr. Nobody Holme Buys a Jitney (Mr. Nobody Holme)
Mud Squad (Tijuana Toads)
Muscle Tussle (Merrie Melodies)
My Dream is Yours (Feature Films : Warner Brothers)
My Shiny Friend (Ren and Stimpy)
Mystery Mask Mix-Up (Scooby Doo)
Naughty Neighbors (Looney Tunes)
Nebulous (Go! Cartoons)
Never Again! The Story of a Speeder Cop (Hearst-Vitagraph News Pictorial)
Never Ape an Apeman (Scooby Doo)
Never on Thirsty (Tijuana Toads)
Never Shake Hands With A Piranha (Misterjaw)
No Man's Halibut (Misterjaw)
No Pants Today (Ren and Stimpy)
Notes to You (Looney Tunes)
Nowhere to Hyde (Scooby Doo)
Nuts and Volts (Looney Tunes)
Of Rice and Hen (Looney Tunes)
Ol' Blue Nose (Ren and Stimpy)
Old Plantation, The (Happy Harmonies)
One Hundred and One Dalmatians (Disney Theatrical Feature)
One Meat Brawl (Merrie Melodies)
Operation Sawdust (Woody Woodpecker)
Overture to William Tell (Musical Miniatures)
Pass the Biscuits Mirandy! (Swing Symphonies)
Peck Up Your Troubles (Merrie Melodies)
Pen Pals (Ren and Stimpy)
Pest That Came to Dinner, The (Looney Tunes)
Pests for Guests (Merrie Melodies)
Pete's Haunted House (Pete the Pup)
Phable of a Busted Romance (Hearst-Vitagraph News Pictorial)
Phoney Express (Inspector Willoughby)
Pixie King (Ren and Stimpy)
Pixie Picnic (Musical Miniatures)
Pizzacato Pussycat (Merrie Melodies)
Plague of Babies (Invader Zim)
Plane Dippy (Looney Tunes)
Plankton's Army (SpongeBob SquarePants)
Play, The (Peanuts)
Plop Goes the Weasel (Looney Tunes)
Pluto Runs Away (Pluto Cartoon)
Pluto's Kittens (Pluto Cartoon)
Poet and Peasant, The (Andy Panda)
Policy and Pie (Katzenjammer Kids, The)
Poor Little Me (Happy Harmonies)
Pop 'im Pop! (Looney Tunes)
Porky the Giant Killer (Looney Tunes)
Porky the Gob (Looney Tunes)
Porky's Ant (Looney Tunes)
Porky's Badtime Story (Looney Tunes)
Porky's Baseball Broadcast (Looney Tunes)
Porky's Bear Facts (Looney Tunes)
Porky's Building (Looney Tunes)
Porky's Cafe (Looney Tunes)
Porky's Garden (Looney Tunes)
Porky's Hero Agency (Looney Tunes)
Porky's Hired Hand (Looney Tunes)
Porky's Midnight Matinee (Looney Tunes)
Porky's Movie Mystery (Looney Tunes)
Porky's Moving Day (Looney Tunes)
Porky's Pet (Looney Tunes)
Porky's Phoney Express (Looney Tunes)
Porky's Prize Pony (Looney Tunes)
Porky's Spring Planting (Looney Tunes)
Porky's Tire Trouble (Looney Tunes)
Pottyhorse (Go! Cartoons)
Powdered Toast Man (Ren and Stimpy)
Powdered Toast Man vs. Waffle Woman (Ren and Stimpy)
Practical Yoke (Woody Woodpecker)
Pre-Hysterical Hare (Looney Tunes)
Prehistoric Stimpy (Ren and Stimpy)
Project Reject (Chilly Willy)
Prospecting Bear, The (Barney Bear)
Punch and Judo (Blue Racer, The)
Pygmy Hunt, The (Captain and the Kids)
Quack Shot (Merrie Melodies)
Quackodile Tears (Merrie Melodies)
Quiet Squad, Le (Inspector, The)
Rabbit Romeo (Merrie Melodies)
Rachel and Her Grandfather Control the Island (Go! Cartoons)
Rah Rah Ruckus (Beary Family)
Ration Bored (Woody Woodpecker)
Ready Woolen and Able (Merrie Melodies)
Real Gone Woody (Woody Woodpecker)
Reckless Driver, The (Woody Woodpecker)
Recruiting Daze (Cartune)
Red Hot Rangers (George and Junior)
Red Riding Hoodwinked (Looney Tunes)
Relaxing with Von Drake (Von Drake Cartoon)
Ren's Bitter Half (Ren and Stimpy)
Ren's Brain (Ren and Stimpy)
Ren's Pecs (Ren and Stimpy)
Ren's Retirement (Ren and Stimpy)
Return of Mr. Hook, The (Mr. Hook)
Ripped Pants (SpongeBob SquarePants)
Riva Ras Regas (Scooby Doo)
Road Apples (Ren and Stimpy)
Road to Andaly (Merrie Melodies)
Roamin' Roman (Woody Woodpecker)
Robin Hoodwinked (Tom and Jerry (II))
Robin Hoody Woody (Woody Woodpecker)
Robot for All Seasons, A (My Life as a Teenage Robot)
Rock Hound Magoo (Mr. Magoo)
Rock-A-Bye Gator (Woody Woodpecker)
Rocket Racket (Woody Woodpecker)
Roller Ghoster Ride (Scooby Doo)
Rooftop Razzle Dazzle (Beary Family)
Rookie Bear (Barney Bear)
Room and Bored (Woody Woodpecker)
Rough Riding Hood (Woody Woodpecker)
Rover's Rival (Looney Tunes)
Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen, The (Ren and Stimpy)
Royal Cat Nap (Tom and Jerry (II))
Rubber Nipple Salesmen (Ren and Stimpy)
Saddle-Sore Woody (Woody Woodpecker)
Safari, So Goodi! (Scooby Doo)
Safety Spin (Mr. Magoo)
Salmon Loafer (Chilly Willy)
Salt Water Daffy (Cartune)
Saltwater Tuffy (Dogfather, The)
Sammy and Me (Ren and Stimpy)
Satan's Waitin' (Looney Tunes)
Scalp Treatment (Woody Woodpecker)
Scalp Trouble (Looney Tunes)
School Mates (Ren and Stimpy)
Science Friction (Woody Woodpecker)
Scooby's Night with a Frozen Fright (Scooby Doo)
Scooby-Doo and A Mummy, Too (Scooby Doo)
Scooter for Yaksmas, A (Ren and Stimpy)
Scotsman in Space, The (Ren and Stimpy)
Scoutmaster Magoo (Mr. Magoo)
Scrambled Eggs (Peterkin)
Scrappy Birthday (Andy Panda)
Screwball Football (Merrie Melodies)
Screwy Truant (Screwy Squirrel)
Sea Chase (Misterjaw)
Shanghaied Shipmates (Looney Tunes)
Shape Of Things, The (Misterjaw)
Shark And The Beanstalk (Misterjaw)
She's a Good Skate, Charlie Brown (Peanuts)
Sheep Ahoy (Merrie Melodies)
Sheepish Wolf, The (Noveltoon)
Shop, Look and Listen (Merrie Melodies)
Shopping Spree (Misterjaw)
Short in the Saddle (Woody Woodpecker)
Showbiz Shark (Misterjaw)
Shutter Bug (Woody Woodpecker)
Sioux Me (Woody Woodpecker)
Sir Kermit the Brave (Muppet Babies (2018))
Skinfolks (Woody Woodpecker)
Slap Happy Valley (Cartune)
Slap-Happy Pappy (Looney Tunes)
Slap-Hoppy Mouse, The (Merrie Melodies)
Sleeping Princess, The (Nertsery Rhyme)
Sleepy-Time Squirrel (Barney Bear)
Sleepytime Bear (Chilly Willy)
Slice of Life (Loud House, The)
Slick Chick, The (Looney Tunes)
Slightly Daffy (Merrie Melodies)
Sling Shot 6 7/8 (Woody Woodpecker)
Snoopy's Story (Peanuts)
Sock-A-Doodle Doo (Looney Tunes)
Space Dogged (Ren and Stimpy)
Sponge Who Could Fly, The (SpongeBob SquarePants)
Spook-A-Nanny (Woody Woodpecker)
Spooky Boo-tique (Beetlejuice)
Spooky Space Kook (Scooby Doo)
Squid on Strike (SpongeBob SquarePants)
Stage Door Magoo (Mr. Magoo)
Stage Hoax (Woody Woodpecker)
Stand-In Room Only (Misterjaw)
Stimpy's Cartoon Show (Ren and Stimpy)
Stimpy's Pet (Ren and Stimpy)
Stooge For a Mouse (Merrie Melodies)
Stowaway Woody (Woody Woodpecker)
Strife With Father (Merrie Melodies)
Stupid Sidekick Union (Ren and Stimpy)
Summoning, The (Go! Cartoons)
Sunbonnet Blue, A (Merrie Melodies)
Superstitious Stimpy (Ren and Stimpy)
Sweat Hog Shark (Misterjaw)
Sweet Babboo! (Peanuts)
Swing Your Partner (Swing Symphonies)
Syncopated Sioux (Cartune)
Tale of the Vienna Woods (Happy Harmonies)
Teacher's Union (Loud House, The)
Tease for Two (Looney Tunes)
TeePee for Two (Woody Woodpecker)
Tenant's Racket, The (Woody Woodpecker)
Terror Faces Magoo (Mr. Magoo)
That's Snow Ghost (Scooby Doo)
Thrashin' U.S.A. (Go! Cartoons)
Three Little Woodpeckers (Woody Woodpecker)
Timid Toreador, The (Looney Tunes)
To Catch a Halibut (Misterjaw)
To SquarePants or Not to SquarePants (SpongeBob SquarePants)
Tokyo Grows (Pinky and the Brain)
Tom Tom Tomcat (Merrie Melodies)
Too Hop to Handle (Looney Tunes)
Tot Watchers (Tom and Jerry (II))
Toy Story 2 (Disney / Pixar Theatrical Feature)
Toy Town Hall (Merrie Melodies)
Toy Troubles (Merrie Melodies)
Toyland Broadcast (Happy Harmonies)
Tragic Magic (Woody Woodpecker)
Trailblazer Magoo (Mr. Magoo)
Transistorized Shark (Misterjaw)
Transylvania Mania (Inspector, The)
Travelogue (Ren and Stimpy)
Treasure Map (Uncle Grandpa)
Trick or Tweet (Merrie Melodies)
Tugboat Granny (Merrie Melodies)
Tweet and Sour (Looney Tunes)
Tweet Dreams (Merrie Melodies)
Tweety and the Beanstalk (Merrie Melodies)
Two Gophers from Texas (Merrie Melodies)
Two Guys from Texas (Feature Films : Warner Brothers)
Two's a Crowd (Looney Tunes)
Tyler & Co. (Go! Cartoons)
Uncle Tom's Bungalow (Merrie Melodies)
Under the Counter Spy (Woody Woodpecker)
Unexpected Pest, The (Merrie Melodies)
Vanishing Duck, The (Tom and Jerry (II))
Village Smithy, The (Looney Tunes)
Von Drake's House of Genius : Money Increaser (Von Drake Cartoon)
Von Drake's House of Genius : Remote Controlled Laser Lawn Mower (Von Drake Cartoon)
Voodoo Boo-Hoo (Woody Woodpecker)
Wacky Weed, The (Andy Panda)
We, The Animals Squeak (Looney Tunes)
Wee Willie Wildcat (Barney Bear)
Westward Whoa! (Looney Tunes)
Wham and Eggs (Blue Racer, The)
What a Lion! (Captain and the Kids)
What the Hex Going On? (Scooby Doo)
What's Peckin' (Woody Woodpecker)
What's Sweepin' (Woody Woodpecker)
When Magoo Flew (Mr. Magoo)
When the Cat's Away (Happy Harmonies)
Which Witch is Which? (Scooby Doo)
White Seal, The (Television Special)
Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Werewolf? (Scooby Doo)
Who's Cookin' Who? (Woody Woodpecker)
Who's Kitten Who? (Looney Tunes)
Who's Stupid Now? (Ren and Stimpy)
Who's Who in the Zoo (Looney Tunes)
Wiener Barons (Ren and Stimpy)
Wild Bill Hiccup (Woody Woodpecker)
Wild Honey (Barney Bear)
Wild Wild World (Merrie Melodies)
Winnie the Pooh (Disney Theatrical Feature)
Winning Ticket, The (Captain and the Kids)
Wolf Hounded (Loopy De Loop)
Woodpecker in the Rough (Woody Woodpecker)
Woodpecker Wanted (Woody Woodpecker)
Woody and the Beanstalk (Woody Woodpecker)
Woody's Clip Joint (Woody Woodpecker)
Woolen Under Where (Merrie Melodies)
Yokahama Mama (Blue Racer, The)
You, the Human Animal (You and Your ...)
Zorak (Space Ghost)
Did you make sure that the Lantz screenshots were not copied over from the GAC website?
Originally Posted by: nickramer 

Did you make sure that the Lantz screenshots were not copied over from the GAC website?

Yes, I've been spot checking and am satisfied that what we are getting is original.
I've kept this list on the "Researchers" board but it appears that there are people who want to submit screenshots that are not researchers. So, here's the complete list of what we have in store if you're looking to help out!
PopKorn Kat
"Snowballs" (Rocko) was already posted about a week or so back.
So how many screenshots pages will up-coming pages total to?
Originally Posted by: nickramer 

So how many screenshots pages will up-coming pages total to?

So far, 2359.
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