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Hello Everyone on this Forum,
I'm Eric Boldizar and I'm currently enrolled in a documentary production class. I know you are all fans of classic animation, as am I and would love to see if I am able to get any help with a documentary about Tex Avery. The Working title right now is What's up Doc-umentary.
I'm in the start of reproduction as I'm typing this am busy researching about Tex, about his career, life, and ect...

I'm looking for any fans of his to help give stories about Tex, or articles that I've probably haven't seen. A lot of the info I got from Tex was reading lot of cartoon brew and research articles and watching the doc that's on youtube, Tex Avery: King of Cartoons.

More or less, any suggestions or ideas would be appreciative as I know you all enjoy his creation for years, as do I.

Thank you,
Eric Boldizar [wolfie]

PS, If I posted this on the wrong section of the forum please inform me.
Have you seen all the Avery highlights on the Tralfaz blog? 

You should also dig through this blog on Avery's WB cartoons: 

Be sure to give proper credit to (and maybe get permission from) these great folks! (Not just on the two blogs above, but also from Cartoon Research and any other sources you might be using.)
Bobby Bickert
There's Joe Adamson's book Tex Avery, King of Cartoons, which was written while Tex and the people who worked with him were still alive and could be interviewed.
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