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8 years ago
What public domain cartoon compilations have you encountered with bad, really crappy, or the most horrible film transfers ever? I can think of one that uses very worn out 16mm bootleg film reel transfers with crap sound fidelity, for example the transfer of Presto Change-O in this one.
8 years ago
Cartoons r fun is one of the worst.

Another bad PD tape I saw was from (now know as) thememorylane channel on youtube.

Man these dupes are what ebay typically offers if you don't put in "IB Tech" in the ebay search engine......
8 years ago
I noticed right away that Wakiki Wabbit starts out late (without the Merrie Melodies opening and the title card) with some splices.

At least some of the Looney Tunes included on the VHS like The Dover Boys, Wakiki Wabbit, and Presto Change-O have been remastered on DVD and/or Blu Ray in good condition. And the original black and white version of Get Rich Quick Porky is available on the Return of the '30s Characters DVD release (though it's not remastered). But Hamateur Night has yet to be remastered for a DVD and Blu Ray release (but don't expect it to happen soon since WB has lost hope on the Looney Tunes today).

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