Mister Bighead
9 years ago
The TTPP community has lasted for quite some time. (I believe it started in the early 2000s.) It went through three different forums including ToonZone, Golden Age Cartoons, and now the Internet Animation Database. (Thanks eutychus for keeping this going.) I was not a member of the original ToonZone forums nor the GAC forums. However, I used to lurk around the GAC fourms because I found it to be a great source for animation history and trivia.

So, how long have you been a member of this community? I joined the IAD forums two years ago. My very first post was about the digital coloring hardware Hanna-Barbera used for their '80s cartoons.
9 years ago
It's been just over three years since I joined. By that time, the GAC forums (which I, too, lurked around) had been dead for about half a year.
9 years ago
Been a lurker since 2002, but I didn't joined till 2006.
Pokey J.Anti-Blockhead
9 years ago
Lurked and posted to all those....:) Enjoyed the forums...this is the new GAC! I first posted around 1990s.
Looney Tunes Fan
9 years ago
I also lurked GAC for some time - tried signing up but no one ever responded to my email, so I just signed up on IAD when it first opened.
9 years ago
Been a lurker around the toon sites several years, have learned lots of info, registered on the GAC and since moved here. I hope lots of information will continue to flow up and down. And a HUGE thanks goes to who actually holds this site online.
9 years ago

And a HUGE thanks goes to who actually holds this site online.

Originally Posted by: Red_Demon 

Your welcome. [buddy]

I don't really recall when I first registered at TTTP, but it was quite a while back, although I just lurked quite a bit. I was busy enough with other projects that I really didn't have the time to participate as much as I would have liked to. (Pretty much the same situation I find myself in now!) But I liked the community well enough that I didn't want to see it die and since I was starting the IAD project at about that time, I thought it was a perfect match.

9 years ago
I've known about the TTTP for about a year, but I joined a couple of days ago (I thought that the TTTP was only on the GAC forums, and that it was dead now. If I knew that this forum existed back , I would've joined a long time ago)
9 years ago
I can't remember exactly when I joined, but it was during the Toonzone years and I remember it was a while before GAC was established, right around the turn of the millenium. When the murmurs of "GAC is coming..." began I was actually worried that I was going to lose a wonderful community of people who liked classic cartoons just as much as I did.
9 years ago
I joined IAD fourns on June 19, 2013 after GAC closed. then I joined again on December 4, 2014 on IAD ToonScoop fourms.
9 years ago
I joined a couple years before the forums had a facelift. For some reason though, my old account disappeared or was terminated, so I had to start over. I mainly joined because of sites like Thinderbean.
8 years ago
I joined the old GAC forums in December 2008. Have been an active part of the community ever since.

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