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A lot of people asked for it, wanted it, demanded it, and after 2 years of rumors and debunkings, it's finally happening: 

I'm actually fine with this so long as the crew can pull it off (which hopefully they will!), still, this and still no Roger Rabbit sequel.
Mister Bighead
I don't think Frozen needs a sequel, unless the team finds a way to make it a worthwhile film. (Let's hope the story isn't as bad as most of the direct-to-video Disney "cheapquels" from the nineties and aughties.) Methinks this film was the brain child of a marketing team, though.
We will see, as much as I love the first film, I hope they won't ruin it with the sequel.

If it's made by WDAS then I will except it (since they did made a few good sequels like "The Rescuers Down Under" even though they normally don't make sequels), but if it's going to be made by DisneyToon Studios we're screwed (they always ruin films with crappy direct-to-video or theatrical sequels that are an insult to the first for the most part).
I'm pretty sure this is going to be done by the regular Animated features studio. If it was done otherwise, most of the audience would give them the cold shoulders.
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