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These prints regularly air on Super 3 channel in Catalonia. Sadly it only airs in DVB-T right now, so I can't access it. The prints I have were downloaded off the internet. If anyone has access to the channel, let me know.

I wish there was a replacement program for those 2 DVDs...
So far the only cartoons that were re-released on DVD and Blu Ray in their correct aspect ratios are:
  • Bedevilled Rabbit
  • Mad as a Mars Hare
  • Dr. Devil and Mr. Hare
  • Ducking the Devil

    I'm not sure about these 4 cartoons (on the Looney Tunes Unleased and Best of Bugs Bunny DVDs):
  • The Million Hare
  • Napoleon Bunny-Part
  • Apes of Wrath
  • Stork Naked

    It does make you wonder why they don't release the cartoons from the first 2 Super Stars DVDs in fullscreen since they can at least correct this on their double dip releases.
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    I've heard on those double dip DVDs they used the cropped version. I'm well aware of the Blu Ray Taz and Marvin Martian shorts, but I'd like to have the other ones as well.

    As of right now I have Dime to Retire, Bedevilled Rabbit (also in Blu Ray) and Stork Naked from Super 3, and an ultra rare restored print of Person to Bunny which doesn't have over saturated colors like the Super Stars print.