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I haven't seen anyone post about this, so I apolagize if this has already been posted, but there appears to be a new OTA station known as Retro TV. They seem to have access to the Dreamworks Classics library. Their Saturday morning lineup consists of animated program. A schedule is posted below

8:00am - Harveytoons
8:30am - The Archies
9:00am - Ghostbusters
9:30am - Mr. Magoo
10:00am - He-Man
10:30am - She-Ra
11:00am - Brave Starr
11:30am - Sabrina

For those interested in seeing a full network schedule, a link is posted below

Justin Delbert
Actually the station's been around for a while, although it seems as though they chenged their schedule recently. They used to air some of these as shorts such as Magoo, Gumby, Dick Tracy, and even the Rankin Bass Wizard of Oz cartoons and Pinocchio ones as well. I'm surprised it's still around however, because a lot of affiliates usually switch over to Me-TV. That's what happened to ours.
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I had RetroTV taken away from our area in favor of Antenna TV (which was just launching that year). We already had Me-TV before the national coverage of said network started.
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It seems I was a little misinformed about how old Retro TV actually is. It seemed like a new channel to me because it was just recently picked up in my area.

The odd thing is that none of the stations in my area carry MeTV. But, I do receive the channel on AT&T Uverse.

And still, nowadays it is a pleasant surprise when an OTA station has a full lineup of cartoons on their Saturday morning schedule.