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Some years before the Golden Collection sets, Warner made brand new restored transfers for VHS releases. Some of these have been released also on DVD (such as Bully for Bugs), while some other are still unseen to many people in the US. These versions are available both with the copyright info saying (This Version 1998...) and without. CN in the US airs these version only on some episodes.

These versions are almost free of dirt and scratches, but some don't look as brilliant as some of the Golden Collection new transfers. The one highlighted in red are the ones which are included in the Golden Collection or Super Stars set. None of these were made in HD, hence some short such as Canned Feud or Rabbit Seasoning had to be restored again.

Bugs & Friends series (all prints have the 1997 copyright info at the end)

Bugs & Daffy

The Abominable Snow Rabbit
Suppressed Duck
The Million Hare
The Iceman Ducketh
Bugs and Thugs
Daffy's Inn Trouble

Bugs & Tweety

Rabbit Rampage
Dog Pounded
People are Bunny
Catty Cornered
Foxy for Proxy
The Jet Cage

Bugs & Road Runner

Lighter Than Hare
Highway Runnery
The Unmentionables
Run Run Sweet Roadrunner
Big Top Bunny
Beep Prepared

Bugs & Speedy

Rabbit's Kin
The Wild Chase
Assault and Peppered
False Hare
Chili Weather

Bugs & Marvin

Napoleon Bunny-Part
Duck Dodgers and the Return of the 24 1/2th Century
Hyde and Hare
From Hare to Heir
Mad as a Mars Hare
Bonanza Bunny

Second series (first 1998 versions)

From Hare to Eternity (released in the US)

From Hare to Eternity
High Diving Hare
Bully for Bugs

Rabbit Fire
My Bunny Lies Over the Sea
Ballot Box Bunny

Superior Duck

Superior Duck
The Stupor Salesman
Design For Leaving
Golden Yeggs
Stork Naked
Show Biz Bugs

Tweety's S.O.S.

Greedy For Tweety
Tweety's Circus
Tweety's S.O.S.
A Street Cat Named Sylvester
Bad Ol' Putty Tat
Muzzle Tough

Wideo Wabbit

Wideo Wabbit
A Star Is Bored
Robot Rabbit
Ant Pasted
This is A Life?
Kit For Cat

Cheese Chasers

Cheese Chasers
Awful Orphan
I Gopher You
From A to Z-z-z-z
Feline Frame-Up
Early To Bet

Looney Tunes 2000 (third series, these transfers look very good. Released in the UK as Bumper Collection)

The Prize Pest

Dime to Retire
The Wearing of the Grin
The Ducksters
Dough for the Do-Do
Deduce You Say

The Prize Pest

A Fractured Leghorn

Lovelorn Leghorn
The Foghorn Leghorn
Of Rice and Hen
A Broken Leghorn
Strangled Eggs
A Fractured Leghorn

Big House Bunny

Water Water Every Hare
Big House Bunny

Hare Trimmed
Rabbit Seasoning
Bunker Hill Bunny
Baton Bunny

Scaredy Cat

Canned Feud
A Mouse Divided
Scaredy Cat
Mouse Mazurka

Stooge For A Mouse
Little Red Rodent Hood

Feed the Kitty

Chow Hound
Lumber Jerks
Boyhood Daze
Feed The Kitty
Don't Give Up The Sheep
The Hypo Chondri Cat

And to give you an idea, this is how the 1998 print of A Mouse Divided looks like:

I do remember seeing current CN airings of both "Robot Rabbit" and "Stooge For A Mouse" in which they are the dubbed versions.

For some weird reason, the dub print of Stooge For A Mouse used the original and spanish versions of the soundtrack on each of the left and right speakers.
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That sounds weird. In any case I have both shorts in high quality in that version. Robot Rabbit aired on Boomerang Spain (now defunct) and Stooge for a Mouse on Boing Spain.
And they're all on VHS? They look pretty high quality.
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Yes, but most aren't in the US. In non English countries in Europe they were all released with new foreign dubs, in the UK you can find most of them in the Bumper Collection sets.
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I'll try to find where the other ones were released in the UK.

I'll try to find where the other ones were released in the UK.

You can say that these videos are the successors of The Looney Tunes Video Show from the early 80's, except most of the cartoons are dubbed prints. But too bad the video series was only released in the UK.
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Not sure how much these were successors, but these were new restored transfers which were unknown to many people, especially in the US, and the first time they were released it was on these VHS/VCD sets. I'm not sure about The Looney Tunes Video Show, but I recall it included very faded prints, such as Mexicali Shmoes, Quacker Tracker or Double or Mutton.

These 1997/1998 prints started showing up in some CN feed, for an example in the UK they aired the 1997 version Dog Pounded but the Italian CN feed aired an older version of it. The 1997 print of Beep Prepared (without the 1997 copyright info) instead is aired in the US while in Europe the old one is aired. It was also included as a bonus feature in a DVD and it looks much better than the dark version in the Platinum Collection Volume 3. 

There should be another volume though, somebody help me find it.
I remember for quite a while, Cartoon Network would just show an edited PAL master of "Daffy's Inn Trouble." But then some time in 2003 or 2004, they began airing the late 90s remastered print, in NTSC speed and uncut, and with a "THIS VERSION" copyright stamp.
Then after Looney Tunes came back on CN in 2011, they went back to showing the crappy PAL master of the short, but a couple years ago they've finally returned to the unedited late '90s "dubbed" master.
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I think I saw that crappy PAL master once on CN. Over here they stopped airing Looney Tunes since 2010, I wish I recorded it.
Didn't Kit for Cat use the 1998 transfer because the original titles were restored using the 1998 transfer, so it would only make sense if the 2003 transfer was the same?
Originally Posted by: cxixgitifyfoh 

Didn't Kit for Cat use the 1998 transfer because the original titles were restored using the 1998 transfer, so it would only make sense if the 2003 transfer was the same?

I believe so, since most of the post-1948 LT cartoons on the first Golden Collection are 1998 transfers from what I read online. And they were transfers from the UK to be exact, but are formatted to NTSC for the DVD.

But the only minor issue I have with "Kit for Cat" on the DVD (along with 7 others also from Golden Collection Vol. 1 like High Diving Hare, Bully For Bugs, Rabbit of Seville, Golden Yeggs, Rabbit Fire, The Awful Orphan, and Early To Bet) is that the soundtrack is low pitched due to the UK transfer being in its correct original NTSC pitch.