I've recently heard that of course Dreamworks shut their division PDI Dreamworks due to the box office flops of "Mr. Peabody & Sherman" and "Penguins Of Madagascar" (which they are both based on animated TV shows so that's maybe the reason they flopped, a movie based on a TV show released theatrically rarely succeeds). And because that Disney won the Oscar for "Big Hero 6" recently, does this mean Disney's back up on their toes again while Dreamworks unfortunately gets back luck on their future animated films?

It's similar to like what happened to Don Bluth in 1989 when Disney nuked Bluth's "All Dogs Go To Heaven" with the major success of "The Little Mermaid" after Buth beat Disney twice in 1986 (with "An American Tail" beating "The Great Mouse Detective") and 1988 (with "The Land Before Time" beating "Oliver & Company"). And that was when the Disney Renaissance started making highly successful animated classics, while Bluth was having bad luck making very sawed after animated films at that time.

So do you think Dreamworks is starting to be like Don Bluth in the 90's?
They're not done yet.....there's a studio being farmed out in Canada which will continue Dreamworks films.

I did hear that J.K. was going to sell the studio to Hasbro but the deal fell through as soon as the news went out. This would've been ironic as DreamWorks owns most of "Master of the Universe" shows based on toys by Mattel, not Hasbro.