Poll Question : Should a Tom and Jerry cartoon get inducted into the National Film Registry?  (Poll is closed)
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This is a something I was thinking about for a while now. The National Film Registry is a film based program that preserves and celebrates noteworthy pieces in American film history. Being some of the most popular animated film stars, should a Tom and Jerry short be inducted in this list? I say yes as they appeared in the most Academy Award winning animated shorts and have proven to be worthy enough to be inducted.

Now, what short that I want to be in the National Film Registry is rather difficult as I have two choices: "Mouse Trouble" and "The Cat Concerto". While I would like to see the former to be inducted as this is one of my absolute favorite cartoons, I think the latter film is more likely to be included as this is a very high point for not only Tom and Jerry, but for MGM's animation department as well even if there is controversy between this and a similar cartoon ("Rhapsody Rabbit") on wheather either short was plagiarizing the other.

Edit: Yes, I realized I don't have a poll here but that's because there's no edit option to make one.
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Edit: Yes, I realized I don't have a poll here but that's because there's no edit option to make one.

Something I never considered when I set up the board, but you should have that option now.

Yes......but while they are putting out double dip sets.....the WB Family Divison might be a little scared about it. It would work if one of NicKramer's choices happened to be in the registry.

I agree that [tom] & [jerry] should be a part of the National Film Registry. Could "When Magoo Flew" be registered also for UPA's Oscar streak aswell? Only time will tell. [magoo]

There's also the MGM vault fire of '67 to consider also, would a surviving IB Technicolor print be given, reissue or not?

Those are the factors I have for T&J being on the National Film Registry......