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Hi. Did Olive films released aon blu all the official Betty Boop Cartoons or if there are still some left out ?

Thanks to answer
No. Olive Films did not release all of the Betty Boop cartoons on their set of Blu-Ray/DVD discs.

Between the Talkartoon series and Betty's own series, there are 110 titles. Add to that at least 10 Screen Song cartoons where Betty made an appearance and the pilot cartoon for the Popeye the Sailor series (technically part of the Betty Boop series) and you have 121 cartoons.

Of those, "Honest Love and True" (Betty's original series) is believed lost. One other title, "Buzzy Boop at the Concert" (Betty's series) is believed to exist, but is not in wide circulation (meaning a collector in Europe is thought to have a copy, but he/she has not shared it with anyone else or allowed other copies to be made from their copy).

Olive announced at the outset that they were focusing on the titles that were not in public domain. But even among those titles, Olive did not release anywhere close to a complete set of cartoons.

The closest to complete is still the old box set of VHS tapes released by Republic Home Video back in the heyday of VHS.
If you buy all four of Olive Films' Betty Boops, then add this DVD  and this DVD  from Echo Bridge, you'll have a nice Boop collection with very little overlap.
Only Blu-ray that I have brought that have turned up to region locked.