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One of the strangest (and sometimes grossest) gags in old cartoons are when a character is turned inside out. I thought it might be fun to have a discussion about these odd jokes. I've listed all the examples I can think of below – do you know any more? What do you think about these gags do you think they're funny or do they make anyone feel a little queasy? Share your thoughts here!

Alice in the Jungle Julius, fighting a lion, wins the brawl by climbing into the lion's body, grabbing the tail from the inside and pulling the body back out through the mouth before tossing away what is now just a lion head with a yucky mess hanging out its jaw.

Alpine Antics When Oswald receives a note that his girlfriend needs rescuing, he screams his body and legs inside out in shock. This scene is also interesting because it's a rare on-screen appearance of Oswald's cat friends name – here she's called Fanny which is a moniker we usually attribute to his earlier rabbit girlfriend.

El Terrible Toreador The bullfighter wins his fight by pulling the bull inside out through the mouth. This Silly Symphony scene has upset a lot of Disney fans because the bull, portrayed as a friendly character in earlier scenes, suffers such a brutal killing (he is clearly dead in the final scene). Add to that that the body looks pretty gruesome with the bull's rubber hose style legs often being mistaken for intestines. This is one of Disney's most shocking scenes.

The Barnyard Battle During his physical examination, Mickey's tongue is pulled (and pulled) out of his body by the Recruitment Officer. Eventually this tugs the inside of Mickey's body out through his mouth so that it can be examined (it seems the base of Mickey's body is held in place with a tack!).

Snow White (Betty Boop) The wicked Queen turns into a dragon and chase our heroes. Bimbo grabs hold of her tongue (which is attached to the inside base of her tail) and pulls her completely inside out, leaving her facing in the other direction with her skeleton on the outside of her body!

Henpecked Hanging onto a door handle in order to avoid being sucked up Pete's vacuum cleaner, Oswald's tongue is caught in the suction. This pulls him completely inside out and back the right way through before being hoovered up!

Ship Wreck Another Oswald cartoon. Here a hungry fish bites down on Ozzie's parrot buddy's tail. As the parrot runs away, the fish's clamped down jaw, followed by his complete skeleton, is pulled right out of its body. In the process, of being emptied, the fish's skin is pulled completely inside out and then the right way through again. The fish's skeleton gets his revenge by biting Oswald on the bum!

Slap Happy Lion in this classic gag, one of the lion's roars is so ferocious that his whole body pops inside out and ends up in his mouth. Here the lion's body is coloured so it's just as furry on the inside as it is on the outside and so the gag seems more in fun and is much less disgusting than the earlier gags I've mentioned here.
Here's another one I can think of: "Stupid cheap window strippings!"
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I think that Hallowe'en episode of The Simpsons is hilarious now, but when I was a kid it made me feel sick! Maybe you already knew, but they were referencing an episode of Arch Oboler's radio series Lights Out. I believe the original episode first aired in 1937 and although it's now lost it was recreated for later record albums. Here's a link if you want to listen: 

I can think of quite a few more modern examples of inside out gags in cartoons (as well as some scenes in books and films), but can anyone think of any other examples from classic cartoons? Also do people here find these jokes funny or disturbing?

In the "Phineas and Ferb" episode, "Phineas' Birthday Clip O' Rama" episode, one of the "decoy" clips used in that episode had Dr. Doofeshmirtz being hit with his supposedly named Inside-Out-Inator. "Oh, Great! Now I have to invent an Outside- In-Inator."
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Cheers. I can think of quite a few modern examples, so I guess it's an idea that's caught the imagination of lots of cartoonists. I wondered if they were any more GAC examples and also what other people here thought of this type of gag (which I find to be unusual and quite striking). It seems most people are indifferent to it though!