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There is an OTA diginet called Movies! which I believe is programmed by the people who do Me-TV. I saw on their guide listings a segment called "Animated Short Movies!" and started to DVR it. It usually airs on weekends around noon and only seems to air Popeye cartoons. Today's block had rough A.A.P prints of "Bride and Gloom" and "Paneless Window Washers" and Paramount titled prints of "Patriotic Popeye" and "Spree Lunch". They seem to cycle the same small mix of Popeye cartoons a lot of the time, its basically just an afterthought. There is a similar block called Short Movies! airing Laurel and Hardy shorts, including silents. It would be nice if they took it a little more seriously and programmed a regular block of a broader selection of classic animation, or even do a Saturday matinee type program the way AMC did years ago with cartoons, serials and short subjects. Still its nice to see an old A.A.P. print on broadcast TV somewhere just like when I was a kid.