As in a short time I will be confirmed as a new moderator for these forums, I intend to make my position as effective story supervisor for these threads official. I have gotten permission from eutychus to be more edit-happy in this particular section in order that all the posts will match my rather eccentric vision—thus, beginning with tomorrow's Fourth of July thread, and concluding with the Christmas thread later this year, I will be looking over other writers' posts and editing (or, in extreme cases, deleting) them.

In general, the edits shouldn't be particularly restrictive; more likely, they'll function as an indicator of my own tastes, and in terms of entertainment value perhaps be even better than the original, untouched post. They'll probably be things like touching up dialogue, pushing gags to their ultimate potential, or even adding details. However, they could also be for plot reasons.

I do expect them to follow this basic rule, though:

-Write something that stays true to or is at least respectful to the greatest cartoons (and the greatest cartoon characters) of all time, or don't bother writing at all.

And I would be happy to see the following tips followed as well:
-Go easy on shoving in references to modern pop-culture and controversies. If you really have to insert such references, make it subtle and/or tasteful; I don't want to see things like degenerate Disney characters (Snow White naked acting like Miley Cyrus? Really?), a crazed terrorist/cultist/activist [gandy], or a stereotypically gay [bugs].
-And with that in mind, no more gangsta [buddy]. He died on the way back to his home planet, end of story.
-Try not to make even a single character come off mean in an unfunny way, obnoxious in an irritating way, or even plainly unlikeable. Stuff like the "irredeemable butthole" [daffy] from Freleng and eventually McKimson cartoons from the mid-50s onward ("Ya stupid rabbit!"; come up with more creative insults!), a racist [bugs2], and a whiny loser Alvin Seville can frankly drag down otherwise good threads.
-Less is more. Focus on certain characters in a given post rather than trying to shove a whole bunch in, because...
-The best gags are built around strong personalities. Try to avoid making incoherent gags come about just for incoherentness's sake, or come about by introducing some crazy character into the story.
-Make both the dialogue and the on-screen action (as imagined by the reader from the descriptions provided) top-notch.
-If you're going to include video game or anime characters, try to write them as if they were effectively WB characters themselves.
-Treat these threads like you are writing for theatricals, not for TV specials.

If you have any questions, whether about these rules or about what I'm going to allow, feel free to PM me.
Toadette, you've got a PM!