S. C. MacPeter
That HOBO BOBO element begins less than half a second before the fade in. Glad they made the right decision and included it for home video and reconstructed the rings. RIFF RAFFY DAFFY's Technicolor elements being missing is surprising and unusual for the Warner Cartoons which almost entirely exist in their masters, but judging by the images on the page, it looks far better than what I imagined was possible with a Cinecolor source. For context, Cinecolor is infamous for discoloring easily, being very messy, and yellow laddering issues, so I'm glad the extra effort was put in to redo the title. Another quick look at the difference confirms this effort

Bobby Bickert
I think Super Cinecolor was a three-strip process. Maybe that's why Cinecolor was still being used for live action features at least as late as the original Invaders From Mars (1953). (But I think the invention of Eastman Color was the death knell for Cinecolor, as well as Technicolor's near-monopoly on motion pictures.)