S. C. MacPeter
After over half a decade of restoration work and searching for the best materials on all 37 cartoons, Steve has announced today on the blu ray forums  that essentially, the Flip set is FINALLY complete in turns of restoration and timelines are building built, as well as various bonus features, and commentaries!

It's been really nice to see this set come together and I'm really excited to be finished soon after so long. The work Thunderbean has put into every set is so full of love, care, and sticking to source, so I'm sure it'll be fantastic, and I recommend all to pre-order the set now since it's bound to begin printing soon
Great news = This has been my most anticipated release for , well, at least 7 years - Thunderbean never disappoints - Thank you Steve
S. C. MacPeter
After tweaking each of the films and improving/fixing splices on 3 cartoons (Little Orphan Willie's Splices, School Day's Jumpcut and Splice, and last minute restoration on 35mm materials that improved on Kausler's 16mm). Flip is finally done with the films per updates on the bluray forums and today's Thunderbean Thursday . All that is left is work on is the bonuses and commentaries, which means hopefully Flip will be sent for replication this month!

As a bonus, go read the Thunderbean Thursday and check out Alex Kirwan's awesome cover!
S. C. MacPeter
Well, I know I promised a year ago it was very close, but for various reasons, it got pushed away further, but it's gonna be completed in a week. As Steve has mentioned on BDforum, Disc 2 is fully complete, but Steve is only waiting one more week for a special feature on Disc 1 to be handed in, and if it isn't, he'll just go on and put out the set 

I know this sounds like another "it's almost here, but it isn't", but in this case, I'm sure it's it, especially with how it's been waiting for this one thing (I believe nearly 6 months!). Looking forward to finally getting the set
Bobby Bickert
Originally Posted by: Steve Stanchfield 

I just got an HD TV at home about a week and half ago! Before, all I had was this little tiny HD TB about the size of a small computer monitor...I had to go to my work to see the cleanups of each film bigger!

The TV that was in my living room while I was still living at Brewer's Bridgeway (which is now in my bedroom) was bought in 2001. (And my sister REALLY wants to take it to the dump.) And the TV that was in my bedroom while I was still living at Brewer's Bridgeway (which is currently in storage) was bought in 1979! A good old American-made TV with rabbit ears and a knob to change the channels. It even has a jack for an earphone. And it still works!

(And yes, I'm going to pre-order Thunderbean's Flip the Frog release. When all of the Flip the Frog cartoons were released on VHS by Bosko Video in the early 1990's, they cost $29.95 per tape in the Whole Toon Catalog. And there were 5 tapes! (Though I got them used on eBay much cheaper years later.) A young David Gerstein worked on them. Going by the dates on the boxes, he was still a teenager.)

Anyone else suspect that we might have upcoming news of this set on Cartoon Research tomorrow?
S. C. MacPeter
Originally Posted by: nickramer 

Anyone else suspect that we might have upcoming news of this set on Cartoon Research tomorrow?

I'd say so.  
S. C. MacPeter
Quick update:  due to a printing error on covers and booklets, shipping got slightly delayed, but everyone who ordered on Thunderbean Shop will have their copy (seen below) shipped today, along with four bonus discs! If you ordered on Amazon, there's a chance yours will go out too, but more than likely next week

Is there a complete list of special features and commentaries on the Blu-Ray?
PopKorn Kat
My copy arrived today!! Can't wait to savor every last morsel of it. Thanks to everyone who helped restore these wonderful cartoons!!
S. C. MacPeter
I am still awaiting patiently for my copy, which seems to of not shipped yet. At least a third of the copies have shipped thus far to my knowledge so hopefully mine is soon
S. C. MacPeter
As the final 100 or so are awaiting shipping, I'm happy to say my Flip arrived yesterday. I had high expectations going in, of course, but they were surpassed by a long shot. The versions presented here are very pleasing and bring quite a few cartoons to the most unedited they've EVER been thanks to some tricky 16mms that are still pleasing to the eye. The cartoons even make more sense because of them. Each cartoon looks really good, even the cartoons without a "master" from UCLA.

Beyond this, the bonuses are just as fun. Lots of great original art, cue sheets, an original Flip storyboard, weird foreign titles, and even some amusing documentation of David Gerstein's teenage Flip revival that eventually lead to this set. Everyone on this forum, anyone who cares about classic animation, and casuals who can handle the entries with stereotypes, should go right now and place an order. Dare I say, this is the best home video release. It sets a great standard for Thunderbean's future sets that I hope is held up as the company does more licensed sets and obtains access to more shorts from 35mm masters
Still waiting on my copy. Looking forward to finally seeing this in action. 🙂
also still waiting .......I can vaguely remember ordering this set when it was first announced, but I can honestly say I've never been disappointed with anything Thunderbean has put out and have much respect for the quality Steve puts into his products. When it finally arrives there will be a "Flip" party at my house.
After so many years and months of waiting, my copy of Flip has finally arrived in the mail today (plus the bonus discs)!!!

Thank you Steve, I look forward to seeing them! 🙂
Steve Stanchfield
Glad it's finally there! Thank you for keeping the faith!!

I'm so happy we're finally caught up with so many of these things, and working on getting caught up with the rest. Getting Flip and Tom and Jerry out the door seems like a dream-- both were pretty hard to get to the finish line. Rainbow Parades 2 is moving along really well right now, and the Mid Century Modern 3 disc is nearly finished. We're really trying to get one official disc done a month if we can manage....

I'll try to jump onto the IAD more often too.. I miss everyone here!
Look forward to seeing more posts, and thank you for all Thunderbean has done making this great content available

Have all of the "Flips" been shipped? Ordered in Feb. 2017 (?) and still patiently anticipating it's arrival