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Edward R. Hamilton now has a "Comics" catalog. This book was on the front cover of the one that came in the mail today:

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Unfortunately, I've heard this book isn't all that great. 

It's supposed to have a bunch of typos and errors of fact. I have not read it. Stick to Of Mice and Magic and Hollywood Cartoons!

I am working on a book on the GAC, so you'll have a pretty good history before 2030.

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Beyond the errors, it also has quite a bit of plagiarism, some of the stolen pieces is dated information leading to more errors. This book is a cheap attempt to making these books seem interesting to people who aren't fanatics. Even then, there are far better books giving a general idea of animation history, that even if some of them are dated, they still serve as great introductions that I think a new equivalent to something like OF MICE AND MAGIC isn't needed unless the author had an outstanding reputation with the subject (I would name a few people, but I'd rather see the writeups they do on their own)
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If I get a refund check from an order I recently mailed in and return it for credit toward my next order within 30 days, I get free shipping. So I might tack this book onto my next order since it's cheap. (And I guess I now know why it's so cheap.)

I looked at the "Comics" catalog last night. The index included "Cartoon Strips & Animation". But out of nearly five-and-a-half pages, I found only two other books worth posting about here:

http://www.hamiltonbook....s-of-animation-hardbound  (Note that no author is credited.)


(I also found The Art of Ducktales, but it's about the recent revival. And it isn't cheap.)

And if you search their website for "disney" you get some interesting results, like these:




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How many of you bought The Early Life of Walt Disney? It's sold out!
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An order was mailed to Edward R. Hamilton, Bookseller today. Among other things, I ordered Wild Minds (since it's cheap), The Disney Revolt, The Queens of Animation (which for some reason is in the "Literature" section of the print catalog), The Lady From the Black Lagoon, and Don Bluth's autobiography:


I also ordered this book, since it's cheap:


And (though it's off-topic for this sub-forum) I ordered this book:

Animation book highlights of mine include (not all of them but my favorites of the bunch):

The Illusion of Life
Hollywood Cartoons
Chuck Amuck
Tex Avery: King of Cartoons
The Walter Lantz Story
Walt Disney by Bob Thomas
Walt Disney by Neal Gabler
John Canemaker's Disney art books

I don't do all or any-I-find because most are of the "coffeetable" variety. Also info on animation is hard to come by, so you might have some deja vu.
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I bought Disney Animation: The Illusion of Life new at B. Daltons in the mid-1980's. But it turned out to be the "popular" (meaning abridged) edition, so I sold it (for half the price I payed for it) in the 1990's. (It was really more of a textbook for animators than a history of Disney anyway.)

I bought Hollywood Cartoons new at Borders (so that was quite a while back) but haven't read it yet.

I checked The Walter Lantz Story out of the downtown Tampa library in the late 1980's. The Whole Toon Catalog used to have autographed copies for sale, but the price was $75. (And I always meant to order the revised edition of Tex Avery: King of Cartoons from The Whole Toon Catalog but never got around to it. Maybe someday I'll get it elsewhere.)

And I bought Felix: The Twisted Tale of the World's Most Famous Cat new at B. Daltons in 1993.

Favorites of mine, offhand:

Of Mice and Magic, of course (checked out of the downtown Tampa library when I was in high school, then I bought my own copy new at B. Daltons in 1986)
The Fleischer Story (softcover revised edition bought new at Bookstop in 1992, original hardcover edition bought at the Florida Antiquarian Book Fair in the late 1990's)
The Encyclopedia of Cartoon Superstars (bought new at Bookstop in 1992)
The American Animated Cartoon (bought from a seller in The Big Reel in 1994)
Enchanted Drawings: The History of Animation (original edition ordered from the Edward R. Hamilton "Bargain Books" catalog for $20 in 1993, revised edition bought at the Florida Antiquarian Book Fair in the late 1990's)
The Walter Lantz Story (like I said, checked out of the library, I don't have my own copy)
Cartoon Movie Posters (ordered directly from the publisher in 1995)
The Encyclopedia of Animated Cartoon Series/The Encyclopedia of Animated Cartoons, despite the errors (The Encyclopedia of Animated Cartoon Series ordered from The Nostalgia Book Club in 1987, The Encyclopedia of Animated Cartoons bought new at Waldenbooks in 1992)

Sort of related to animation:

Popeye: The First Fifty Years by Bud Sagendorf (bought new at B. Daltons in 1979)
Popeye: The Collectible by Fred Grandinetti (ordered directly from the publisher in 1991)
Popeye: An Illustrated Cultural History by Fred Grandinetti (original edition ordered from The Whole Toon Catalog in 1994, revised edition ordered from Amazon in 2005)
He Am What He Am! Jack Mercer, the Voice of Popeye by Fred Grandinetti (bought through  in 2015, haven't read yet)
Cerealizing America (checked out of the Brandon library in 1996, later bought my own (used) copy at Merlin's Books)

Books I want to get eventually:

Tex Avery: King of Cartoons
G. Michael Dobbs' new book(s) about Fleischer Studios

From Bear Manor Media:

Fred Grandinetti's book about the 1960's TV Popeyes
Keith Scott's two-volume set about cartoon voice actors (and actresses)
June Foray's autobiography
Biographies of Mel Blanc, Daws Butler and Paul Frees

EDIT: I added a book I forgot and "Books I want to get eventually", and made some revisions.
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Look at what the cover price for The Art of Walt Disney by Christopher Finch is now. (Though this is an updated edition.) 

Of course the cover price of the original 1973 edition was pretty high, something like $50 or $60. (I looked at the downtown Tampa library's copy years ago.) I ordered the 1983 edition from the Disney Channel magazine in the summer of 1986 for I think twenty-something dollars, maybe $25 (plus shipping).