Here's something that hasn't been seen in many, many years! Two special introductory segments created for special birthday compilations of Mickey Mouse cartoons. The first was released by RKO in the fall of 1953 for Mickey's 25th birthday; the other was released by Buena Vista for his 40th birthday during the summer of 1968.
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A 35mm print of "Be Human" with the original titles:

(So now we know that Myron Waldman was head animator on at least one cartoon with Professor Grampy.)
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A print of "Gopher Spinach" with the original titles:

A mid-'50's demo reel by Art Clokey around the time Gumby was introduced:
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The original titles for "Mickey's Good Deed":

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The original titles for "Bone Trouble", from Disney +:

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The original end title for "Me Musical Nephews" survives! (But the print is decomposing.)

Here are two ads for The March of Dimes campaign in 1954 featuring the Disney characters Note the first ad has Mickey in his band leader outfit which he would wear famously on "The Mickey Mouse Club" the following year. Also, note that the second ad reuses animation from "Donald's Happy Birthday" (1949):

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Continuing in that vein, here's a PSA for the United Way made by the Walter Lantz studio. (Obviously Daws Butler is voicing Wally Walrus.)

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A Hawaiian Punch commercial from the 1960's. According to one of the comments it was animated by Rod Scribner. True?

Since tomorrow is Valetines' Day, here's the original 1975 CBS promo for "Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown":
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I didn't know that June Foray did voicework for Filmation:

(And she voiced yet another witch, among other characters.)
Actually, this wasn't the first time some of these comics were adapted for animation by Filmation. They previously appeared a few years earlier on "Archie's TV Funnies", one of the studio's numerous series with the comic book characters:

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I remember watching Archie's TV Funnies as part of the syndicated package "The Archies" in the late 1970's. But I had never heard of Fabulous Funnies.

And it looks like June Foray wasn't involved with Archie's TV Funnies. Once again Filmation workhorse Jane Webb voiced all of the female characters.

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Part of a weird foreign Super 8 print of a Fox and Crow cartoon that may have the original title card:

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Part of a weird foreign Super 8 print of a Fox and Crow cartoon that may have the original title card:

That's not weird. That's Dutch. Cool find!
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I mean that it's weird that titles from a WB cartoon were tacked onto a Columbia cartoon.

Not as exciting, but here's a (faded) 16mm print of a "Jeepers and Creepers" cartoon with the original titles:

(Jack Mercer does almost all of the voicework, including one of the female characters. And "It's A Hap-Hap-Happy Day was still being used over twenty years after Gulliver's Travels.)
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A George Pal Puppetoon from the UCLA Film & Television Archive:

Paramount certainly took advantage of having the rights to Superman. And that sounds like Pinto Colvig voicing the judge. So maybe he did Professor Scarecrow's screams of terror in "Jasper Goes Hunting":

35mm print of the original theatrical release of Magoo Meets McBoing Boing featuring additional footage and an alternate soundtrack!

I noticed how these two uploads of fragments of an Buster Bear cartoon show different titlecards