S. C. MacPeter
From Yesterday's Cartoon Research post: 


Ever since I announced it would be my next project after my first book (The Moose That Roared, published in 2000), everyone has been asking me when it would be published. That day has come!

In fact, Cartoon Voices Of The Golden Age (1930-1970) was such a big project, I had to break it into two volumes. Part 1: The Pioneers of Animation Acting and Part 2: Studio Filmographies With Voice Credits. Bear Manor Media will release the two volumes officially on September 20th. It should also be listed on Amazon very soon

Order Volume 1 Here! , and Order Volume 2 here! 
Volume 2 is listed now in BearManor's shop. They also apparently have a 25%-off sale currently going on and automatically applied it to my cart, saving me $22 off both volumes in hardback for a total of $66 plus shipping. 👍
S. C. MacPeter
Thanks, I've added a link Vol 2 to the head post, and the sale gives more reason to pre-order them! Keith has been researching for this for decades, no doubt the greatest expert on cartoon voice actors, I highly recommend getting this!