It that time again for CAPA's Summer Movie Series at the Ohio Theatre, which means two new installments of thier "Cartoon Capers" series. As you may know, these shows consists of classic theatrical cartoons from the Warner Bros. library shown during Saturdaty mornings. This Satuday was the first show with some shorts that I think made their series dubut in these screenings (I have lost track a while ago due to missing some). Like last year, there were no single page programing pamlets, so I had to write them down on my notepad. I rested my eyes when the Road Runner cartoon title card was on, so I had to look up what it was during the intermission.

Anyway, here is the line-up. Note that usual, all cartoons were digital prints:

Cartoon Capers 2022, June 25

Yankee Doodle Daffy (Warners, 1943)

Hare Trimmed (Warner, 1953)

Little Quacker (MGM, 1950)

Guided Muscle (Warners, 1955)

The Jeep (Fleischer, 1938)

Destruction, Inc. (Famous, 1943)

Foxy by Proxy (Warners, 1952)

Rabbit Fire (Warners, 1951)

Room and Bird (Warners, 1951)

Jerry and Jumbo (MGM, 1953)

The Counterfeit Cat (MGM, 1949)

Tick Tock Tuckered (Warners, 1944)

Bridge Ahoy (Fleischer, 1936)

All Fowled Up (Warners, 1955)

Overall, a good line-up. Stayed tooned for the line-up of the second show which will be July 30th.
Well, on Saturday was the second of two "Cartoon Capers" screening at the Ohio Theatre. Unfortuantly, due to a family event at the Upper North area of Ohio (it's a four hour drive between there and our house) that was happen on the same day, I only got to see the first half of the screening and left during the Intermission. In fact, I wasn't sure if I was going to go to the screening at all.

As I mentioned in the first post, there were no two-sided programs issued this year. Thus, there was no way of knowing what was screened during the second half. The ushers didn't know what was planned either.

Anyway, here what was shown during the first half of the screening according to my notes:

Cartoon Capers 2022, July 30 (First hour only)

Nasty Quacks (Warners, 1946)

Hurdy-Gurdy Hare (Warners, 1950)

Safety Second (MGM, 1950)

Zipping Along (Warners, 1953)

The Peachy Cobbler (MGM, 1950)

Seasin's Greetinks (Fleischer, 1933)

A Broken Leghorn (Warners, 1959)

Overall, a decent show. I just wished I knew what was shown during the second half (especially what was shown as a final). Hopfully, I'll see next year's screenings and maybe they'll bring back the programs.
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