Entering New Titles

New titles can only be added by registered IAD researchers.

There are two ways to enter new titles into the IAD. The first is for when a title is created through a specific studio. The second is for titles created by independent animators not connected to any studio.

If the title has been released by a studio:

On the main menu, go to Indexes > Studios and find the main studio that the title was released by. (Associated studios can be added at a later time.)

If you know the release year, find that year in the "change year" drop down. (Don't worry if you can't find the year ... we'll add that in when you enter the title.)

Go to the bottom of the page and click on "Add New Title."

The new title interface will open up where you can add the new title information. If you leave the "Release Year" box blank, it will automatically enter the year for the page you are currently on. If you didn't find the year of release in the drop down list, this is where the new year will be added in once you enter it into the release year box.

As the release date of some early titles aren't known, check the "copyright" box if that is the date you are using.

When entering a title, move any leading articles to the end separated by a comma. Example: The Old Mill would be entered as Old Mill, The. Check the "Flip" box if this is necessary.

Select a Release Type. (Note: I may get rid of this feature since we really don't use it for much.)

Then click "Enter" or "Cancel" depending on whether info is good or you want to start over.

The title should then show up in the chronological listing. The only exception is that if you have entered a new studio and this is the first entry, you may need to toggle between the alphabetical listing and the chronological listing for results to show. Please do not refresh the page expecting it to show up as this will result in a duplicate entry.

If the title has been released by a independent animator:

On the main menu, go to Indexes > Titles, then click on the "Chronological Index" link at the top of the page.

After this, follow the same instructions for titles that have been released by a studio.

Correcting Titles

New titles can only be corrected by registered IAD researchers.

To correct a title, click on "Submit Corrections" on the page for any given title.

The titles correction interface should be on the main general info page. Fill out the corrected information keeping in mind that the rules for correcting are the same for entering a new title as far as leading articles are concerned. Entering the reason for the correction is not absolutely necessary, but is very helpful if the reason isn't obvious.

Click on "Submit Title Correction" and your correction will be posted for administrative review. The click on "Return to Main Entry" to go back to the main page.
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