Roxen Trail
(Copying and pasting this from another forum topic.)

I realized that Filmation's reboot of Heckle and Jeckle is missing eleven cartoons. I don't know if these are lost or found, but if anybody's wondering, here's a list:

"Foreign Legion Birds"

"The Malcon-tents"


"Time Warped"

"Invisible Birds"



"Apartment Birds"

"The 25th Century"


"Arabian Nights and Days" (the final cartoon from the reboot.)

In addition, I recall seeing the final Quacula cartoon when I was still in my elementary school years. I was watching the complication of the cartoons at night at home and also saw the final cartoon, "The Fantastic 2½", but that cartoon was incomplete and I watched that one separately on YouTube. However, the link to that cartoon seems to be lost or taken down for some reason when I search it up on the site as of writing this.

If anything, if anybody has a full link to all the Heckle and Jeckle and Quacula Filmation cartoons and would send them to me at, all would be appreciated! If not, it is fine, but I really just want to see "The Fantastic 2½" again because I KNOW I recall seeing the full cartoon on YouTube. Thanks in advance to anybody for cooperating!