So some news today.

Someone over at the forums said that Disney posted the news about Make Mine Music and Melody Time now being available on Blu-ray on Facebook and Instagram, but most of the comments were related to The Martins and McCoys being absent. In a half-hour, both posts were taken down: 

Take that what you will.
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Oh, really?? Do you know the source of the TV recording? I'm a little surprised there isn't a channel logo.

Really. I don't know what is the source of the TV recording (what channel, what country etc.).

I won't post direct links to fishy webpages. Nevertheless there are 2 master releases of uncensored Make Mine Music by Jack Sparrow that I know about.

1 - I came to find a first one because of screenshots posted on disneyplaza. Disneyplaza is a francophone Disney forum. So I searched for torrent releases with the French title of the film and found it on Torrent9. The torrent doesn't exist there anymore, only in YGG now. There is a 720p H264 and a 1080p H265 said to be HDTV, without logo, 720p and 1080p versions are the same recording, there is a glitch in the scene where the young couple is dancing in All The Cats Join In segment. Also, the picture is heavily compressed, with heavy and distracting macroblocking, even though the videos are both larger than 3 GB (3.19 GB and 3.82 GB). This release is credited to NASDAROV release group.

2 - The best one is credited to CtrlHD release group and was posted originally in 2015, but I only found it in 2020. It's a glitchless and logoless good 1080i recording. This release was used as source to the 720p H264 DON encode and the 1080p H265 MNHD-FRDS (a Chinese release group from KeepFriends "FRDS" Chinese tracker) encode. However I have neither the original 1080i CtrlHD release nor the 1080p MNHD release.

I don't know why neither of the HDTV recordings have logos. My guess is the recordings were taken from 16:9 broadcasts and the logo appeared originally within the unused vertical bars for 4:3 content.

In addition do HDTV, the movie was released uncensored through Disney Family Movies on demand. I also downloaded, from a dubbing enthusiasts online community, the very rare uncensored 1947 Brazilian dub, WEB-DLed from Telecine (a streaming platform) when the movie was available there, for a brief period in 2016, in 480p.

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