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With Halloween coming, I thought I'd share my latest cosplay, the title character of the 1952 Merrie Melodies cartoon "The Turn-Tale Wolf!"

pic one of the wolf
The head is a vintage vinyl rubber "Bad Wolf" mask made by French mask company Cesar from the 80s to the 2000s. Cesar made some of the best vinyl masks in the industry; back then they were like a decent bridge between the cheap plastic Halloween face masks for kids (the kind often included in those Ben Cooper/Collegeville-style costumes) and the more upscale full-head latex masks (as while Cesar's vinyl masks cover the entire head, vinyl is somewhat inferior to latex, but it DOES last much longer!) The derby is a costume hat I bought off eBay, and the turtleneck sweater is from Amazon. (Classic cartoon tough guy wardrobe!) The cigar is a fake plastic one, left over from my dad's Groucho Marx Halloween costume he often wore every year. The blue pants are a spare pair of sweatpants I had planned to use for my Zak Wolf half-suit, but decided against it amongst learning they had no pockets. I gotta say, I'm REALLY impressed with how my costume came out! Maybe I will save it for a future Halloween or convention (as this year I'm going to be wearing my Zak Wolf fursuit once again, now that the Halloween festivities are going back into swing!)

pic two of the wolf
"Does THIS look like malarkey?!" ...
"Of course, uh, WE know I lost it (my tail) in a swingin' door!" (Sound advice for fursuiters everywhere!)