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I'm somewhat confused as to why they would replace Wigwam Whoopee. Since TCM is more of an adult network, it doesn't make sense if it was replaced due to content because they've aired both I Yam What I Yam and Big Chief Ugh-Amugh-Ugh in the past, and pretty much all of these cartoons are uncut whenever they pop up (like last week with Spinach vs Hamburgers). It doesn't make sense if it was replaced due to time constraints because this cartoon is of average length and even the longer one-reelers usually air as scheduled, like Klondike Casanova and the aforementioned Spinach vs Hamburgers. I already own this cartoon on Blu-ray but I still enjoyed the idea of seeing it air on TV (also it's a better cartoon than Tar with a Star). I wonder if it's a coincidence that this cartoon was removed from the Boomerang app roughly two weeks ago, so it may have been on the brains of the people at Turner.

Was "Tar with a Star" supposed to air the following week or something? Perhaps the shorts switched airdates.
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Was "Tar with a Star" supposed to air the following week or something? Perhaps the shorts switched airdates.

It only popped up anywhere on the schedule a few days prior to yesterday, and this is where they placed it:

Otherwise it most likely would have aired late next month or some point in November, but it looks like they pushed it up suddenly to replace Wigwam Whoopee.
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The restored version of Scat Cats aired this morning in its proper CinemaScope ratio.
I've been waiting for them to air this one ever since they aired Give and Tyke, since finding a copy of Scat Cats both restored AND in its proper ratio has not been easy. This was much appreciated.

They aired the old A.A.P. master of Popeye's Premiere for whatever reason.

It's worth mentioning that Tar with a Star is scheduled to air yet again on Saturday, December 4th, proving my theory that it only aired back in September to replace Wigwam Whoopee at the last minute due to content reasons with the latter (which again, makes no sense for a channel like TCM).
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I've been watching the Popeye cartoons on Turner Classic Movies from the beginning. I stumbled on them by pure dumb luck. I happened to have my TV on TCM at 10:00 AM on the day they started. According to the cable TV box guide, the first Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan movie was supposed to air. But instead a Paramount logo appeared, accompanied by a sailor's hornpipe. It was "Popeye the Sailor". I've mostly kept up, except when I was in the hospital 5 times between August 2019 and September 2021. A few notes:

"Blow Me Down!" had aap titles

"Can You Take It" had aap titles

"Shoein' Hosses" looked like it had the original opening titles, but the weird end title from "Adventures of Popeye" was tacked on

"Choose Yer Weppins" was skipped

"Big Chief Ugh-Amugh-Ugh" had aap titles

""Popeye Presents Eugene The Jeep" was the redrawn version (!) with aap titles

"Quiet! Pleeze" was the redrawn version (!) with aap titles

"You're A Sap, Mr. Jap" was skipped (of course)

"Scrap the Japs" was skipped (of course)

"Seein' Red White n Blue" was skipped (of course)

"Cartoons Aint Human" aired when "Spinach Fer Britain" should have aired (and vice-versa)

I believe "Happy Birthdaze" was skipped

Once they made it to the color cartoons , for some reason they started showing old aap prints, except for "We're On Our Way To Rio", "She Sick Sailors" and "Shape Ahoy"

"Pop Pie A La Mode" was skipped (of course)

Starting with "Klondike Casanova", they switched from old aap prints to the restored versions with original titles for the rest of the 1940's

"The Island Fling" was skipped (of course)

Up through 1946, they pretty much showed the cartoons in chronological order. But starting with 1947, they started showing the cartoons out of order. (and as has been mentioned, "Popeye and the Pirates" was shown a second time, when they were airing cartoons from 1950)

I believe "Wotta Knight" was skipped

"Wigwam Whooppee" was skipped

"Spinach Vs, Hamburgers" was skipped (of course)

As has been noted, "Popeye's Premiere" was a faded aap print (but uncut)

As has been noted, "Tar With A Star" aired twice

As far as I know, all of the cartoons have been uncut, including "Blunder Below"