Slowly I Turn
Well, didn't expect to see this. Looks like Universal is releasing a Harveytoons set on 11/2.

"The Best of The Harveytoons Show features 30 classic episodes including 120 cartoons. "

Looks like it is only DVD and doesn't mention anything about remastering or such but maybe the description will be updated.

With Tex 3, Woody Screwball collection, and now this maybe the powers that be have decided that their is enough room to make money on classic animation. Although I have the "Complete Harveytoons" I'll support this even if it only grinding out some of the previous material at least Universal is producing something. 
S. C. MacPeter
I hate to disappoint people, but don’t buy it. Just the first 30 episodes of the Harveytoons show, using those old, tired out, dark, slightly faded SD masters with Harvey titles (plus occasional edits into the cartoons) and nothing else. If you really want these cartoons, wait for Universal to step up their game and get new HD or 4K scans from the original elements (with the theatrical titles) in Paramount’s vaults. As Jerry Beck said on Facebook, “for completists only”
It's another quick and dirty regurgitation of antiquated, decades old video-based masters.

The entire Classic Media library desperately needs fresh, new HD masters. Not just the Harveys but Rocky and Bullwinkle and whatever else they own.
El Hombre Pez
Seems like a thrown together release to fill a space at Walmart or whatever. The Classic Media one from 2006 at least had more episodes (It was called a complete collection but only had the original 52 and not the later syndicated ones that I believe premiered on Boomerang).
Are you sure? Richie Rich was added to the set and having the back cover mentioning his adventures will be included, so...
There was a trailer showing his appearance in the 2006 DVD set, but not shown on any of the discs.
S. C. MacPeter
I have a list of the contents on the set. Like I said, it's 3 discs of the first 30 episodes of The Harveytoons Show. The Walmart description notes that there are 30 episodes too. The Richie Rich thing is lying
Slowly I Turn
Went in to Walmart today to see if they had Woody since I still don't have a shipping confirmation from Amazon yet. While I didn't see Woody, I was surprised to see the Harveytoons set already there, especially since the Universal site lists it at 11/2 release.

The price is $14.96.
I have the set. You can already order it from Walmart. Like was mentioned, the Richie Rich thing is a complete and shameless lie, there are NO Harveytoons Show Season 6 episodes on this set, and thus no Film Roman Richie Rich cartoons.

I think the set does include one "new-to-DVD" episode, the last on disc 2 is episode 26, which includes a repeat Baby Huey, Casper in Hide and Shriek (also in season 6), the Modern Madcap Popcorn Politics, and a fragment of Snooze Reel.

Not exactly worth rushing out for, but there you have it. If you didn't get the old set and just want to enjoy some Harveytoons then it's probably worth picking up. Because you're likely not going to get them any other way.