At this time of year it's a summer visit from the King of All Things Cartoons, and the last in Chatsworth (as next season it will move to Pine Mountain Club and be pre-recorded). Nevertheless, here's the description for this show:

"Jerry's back for his annual summer visit as well as appearing on the penultimate edition of "Stu's Show" for season 15. Topics this time out will include his reviews of "Space Jam 2", "Luca", and "Boss Baby 2", plus thoughts on upcoming animated feature releases. He'll also have the latest news in print media and streaming (including both our comments on HBO MAX's "Jellystone"), and as always, we'll be screening three classic cartoons for your viewing pleasure, plus we'll read your e-mails!" 

I wished we could take calls again like the old days... but something cool will happen next season as well in addition to the e-mail segment if only more people would become a VIP...
No mention at all of home video, not even for Thunderbean. This'll be fun.
I don't think that sarcastic comment was called for. Besides, I'm sure there might be a little DVD/Blu-Ray new from Steve (there always is) and perhaps, wishfully, a surprise release.